Far-Western diamond ‘Purbi Chauki’

Purbi chauki , Sudurpaschim

It is a combined place of nature, culture and spirituality. purbi chauki village municipality of Doti district. The village is attractive with hilly thumkathumki, streams, forests and agriculture.
Khirsain, Gairagaun, Gajari, Pokhari, Kandamandao and Sanagaun VDCs of Savik. And by merging wards 1 to 7 of Baglek VDC, the government of Nepal has made Purvichowki village municipality on March 20, 2073 BS.

This village municipality is inhabited by Chhetri, Bahun, Thakuri, Sanyasi, Janajati and Dalit communities. The main occupations of the village are agriculture, animal husbandry and foreign employment.
There are many properties with tourist potential in Purbichowki village municipality. The entrance of Khaptad has shrines including Zigrana, Trivenidham, Randhunga, Mashta Bandali, Sajendrashwar and Malika temples. If you visit them, your desires will be fulfilled.

There is a Malika temple in Batala village of Kandamadu, Ward No. 5 of the village municipality. The owner is Shakti Peeth. There are idols of Kalika, Mahalakshmi and Saraswati. Next to the statue is an unbroken lamp that never goes out.

Similarly, Ward No. 6 has a stone. A huge stone like a snake. A millennium is carved nearby. Ranadhunga is famous for its sacred role played by Devdevi.
There is Kudigada Lake under the thumb of Ranadhunga. In the past, gods and goddesses used to bathe in the water of this lake and go to Randhunga.

Another religious heritage is Trivenidham. Trivenidham is the confluence of three rivers Chinnegad, Gandigad and Cholegad. There is a Shiva temple, dharamsala and cremation ground at Trivenidham at the confluence of wards 3, 4 and 5 of the village municipality.
Jhingrana, the gateway to the natural and spiritual land of Khaptad, also belongs to the Eastern Chowki village. Pilgrims commute to Khaptad from Zigrana in Ward No. 2. The annual Ganga Dussehra fair is held in Khaptad. Salvation is obtained by filling the fair.

There is another important temple in the eastern outpost – Mashtabandali. The Mashtabandali area is Mahadev’s playground. Shiva and Vishnu are worshiped in this temple located in Ward No. 7.
Similarly, there is Sajendrashwar temple in Ward No. 1 Sajghat. There is a Shivalinga inside the temple along the highway.

There are many such shrines in Purvichowki village municipality. Another shrine is Jajla’s skin. There is a temple of Bhavani Kalika on the bank of the lake in Khal No. 7. Patan Deuda at the head of the lake has become famous as a song filming place.

The purbi chaukivillage municipality is also culturally prosperous. The villagers speak Dotyali. They have lived in their own dress and lifestyle. Rhuko of Bhuva, Hudkeli, Panchaibaja, Putla and Deuda warms the village during Jatraparva or good deeds. The dancing continues for hours.

In this way, when the beautiful, peaceful and spiritual land moves in the lake valley of the eastern outpost, the energy in the body and mind increases. It is easy to reach Sanagaun, the center of the village. Sanagaun is located at a distance of 30 km from Silgadhi, the district headquarters of Doti.

Purbi chauki , Sudurpaschim
Far-Western diamond 'Purbi Chauki' 1

Dirgharaj Bogati, Chairman, Purbi Chauki Village Municipality.

Nepal has immense potential for tourism with its glorious history, incomparable nature and unique culture. Our purbi chauki municipality also has its own identity. Zigrana, the gateway to the holy land of Khaptad, belongs to our village municipality and there are also shrines of archeological importance including Malika, Trivenidham and Mantabandali. We are also rich in original lifestyle, culture, art and dishes.

By branding all these things we have, we can attract both internal and external tourists. For that, we have put forward various programs. We believe that prosperity can be achieved through tourism. Therefore, we are making the Eastern Post a model tourist destination. Let’s all shake hands.
On the journey of prosperity

Nirmala Devi Saund, Vice-Chairperson, purbi chauki Village Municipality

Our Constitution and the Local Government Operation Act 2074 has empowered the local level for the first time in the history of Nepal. In other words, the system of judicial committee through village executive and village assembly has strengthened the local government.

I am also working as the coordinator of the Judicial Committee to administer justice. I have got the opportunity to work in the field with women, children, senior citizens and people with disabilities and contribute to the overall economic and social development of the village. We are committed to fulfilling the responsibilities given to us by the people with faith, words and deeds. We are constantly moving towards the goal of prosperity we have set through periodic budgets, policies and programs.

source : Setopati

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