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Why donate to Garib Yatri?

I am a citizen of a country Nepal which is moving towards development, I am a person who is hungry for travel. I could not complete the collage (Study) because of the hunger for travel. So I made travel my profession and gained a lot of experience and knowledge of the new world, but the money ran out but the hunger for travel did not ran out. I am a budget traveler. I try to travel a lot at low cost. Which is why I don’t need a lot of money, but I do need money. You can become the path of my journey by remembering your unfulfilled dream of traveling or to fulfill my dream.

How to donate

From the bank


Name : Saroj Dhakal

Account number : 0370124290000011
Swift code (8 characters) : PRVUNPKA


From Nepali Digital Payment system


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