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I am a citizen of a country called Nepal which is going through development. I am also a person with a hunger for traveling. Because of this hunger, I couldn’t finish my college degree (student life).
So, I’ve made travel my profession and gained a lot of experience and knowledge of the new world, but the money runs out, but the thirst to travel doesn’t. I’m a budget traveler. I’m trying to travel a lot on a shoestring budget.
That’s why I don’t need a lot of money, but I do need some money. You can become the trail for my travels by remembering your unfulfilled dream of travelling, or by helping me achieve my dream.

Hiking Trips in the US / support budget travelers ,/ dont trip hat bhairav kunda

Support Budget Travel Journey & local guideFor What ?

I set out on a solo journey with the wish of world peace. It was very difficult for me to take the first step in trying to understand this world, but I have tried to take the first step by seeking peace with courage. I have tried to solve every difficult task on my own. But some problems can only be solved with money. That is why you should help the poor traveler.


Name : Saroj Dhakal

Account number : 0370124290000011
Swift code (8 characters) : PRVUNPKA


From Nepali Digital Payment system


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