Garib Yatri, Budget traveler

I am a Garib Yatri Budget traveler and a government certified freelance travel guide based in Kathmandu, Nepal. I have been to all over Nepal, Now I want to help you save your money and become a solo traveler.

What can Garib Yatri do for you ?​

domain registration


You can also contact me if you have any travel materials and would like to promote through me. Leave it to us to promote the products we need on the trip.



I can create a WordPress website according to your needs and budget. I have been creating wordpress website for 4 years. So feel free to contact.



I am a traveler. I have captured pictures and videos of different places. You can also contact me for such videos and pictures. I have the best photos to suit your needs.

The most knowledge in life is given by travel.

I wanted to go on a trip with my father, but since Baba was affiliated with the company, Baba could not take me even if he wanted to. This is what made me a solo traveler and I have been able to travel almost all over Nepal till today.

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