The most beautiful villages of Nepal

most beautiful village of nepal

Beautiful villages of Nepal

These are the most beautiful villages of Nepal.

  1. Bandipur 

bandipur most beautiful village of nepal

This well-preserved, high-furrowed town landing place among Kathmandu and Pokhara, along the fundamental street of the town stands eighteenth century customary condos, which can be known as an exhibition hall of Newari culture, time appears to have deteriorated here broad.

Notwithstanding making the most of its peacefulness, there are some extraordinary climbing courses in the close by mountains. Experience aficionados can slide down the rope to the base of the Siddha Gufa Cave cavern, or take a paraglider to have a 10,000 foot perspective on the town, or go to the encompassing cascades to play canyoning. . After sunset, feel the interesting accommodation involvement with the revamped hotel in the old structure of Newari.nepali woman, yatri, rular woman,

Some travelers will choose to come to Thani Mai Temple Viewpoint, climb the mountain Gurungche to watch the beautiful sunrise. On a sunny morning, here is the most impressive panoramic visual feast in Nepal-the Himalayas stretch along the horizon, and the gorge at the foot of the morning mist is misty and clouded. The path uphill starts near the school at the southwest end of the market, and you need to climb the steep mountain road for 30 minutes.

(Beautiful villages of Nepal)

  1. Ghale Gaun

Ghale gaun village is one of the popular tourist destinations not only in Nepal but also in SAARC countries. It is located 205 km northwest of Kathmandu in Lamjung district. Located at an altitude of about 2100 meters above sea level, the scenic beauty of this village is unmatched anywhere. The view of the mountain range from the view point of Ghale village at sunrise cannot be forgotten for a long time.

ghale gaun home stay,
Ghale Gaun, Most beautiful villages of Nepal

Most of the residents of Ghale gaun in the Annapurna Conservation Area belong to the Gurung community. The locals are found as the idol of “Atithi Devo Bhavah” (Guest is like a God) . The village is famous for its home stays. Ghale is the second rural tourist destination in Nepal after Sirubari in Syangja district. There are about 120 houses in this village and home stay business is one of these houses. Agriculture, animal husbandry and serving in the Nepal-India and British armies have become the destiny of the people here. Ghale village has its own tradition of welcoming visitors with tikas and garlands and sending them away with tikas and garlands. The village is characterized by traditional firewood cooking, locally produced organic food and warm hospitality. In the morning, from the viewpoint near the village, one can enjoy the panoramic view of Manaslu, Himachuli and Boudha Himal on the east, Lamjung Himal and Annapurna Himal on the north and Machhapuchche Himal on the west. When we come and live in this house, we learn something from the geographical remoteness of Nepal, the harsh life, the natural beauty, the sincere loving behavior of the people and the vivid example of co-operation and we become very proud. (Beautiful village of Nepal)

  1. Daman

Daman , villages of Nepal
villages of Nepal (Daman)

Daman is a well-known tourist destination in Thaha Municipality of Makwanpur District. Located at an altitude of 2,250 meters above sea level, the region is famous for its cool climate and unparalleled natural beauty. Geographically and culturally, Daman can be considered as a truly beautiful gift of nature. Daman is 56 kilometers from Kathmandu, the federal capital of Nepal, and 55 kilometers from Hetauda. Nepal’s old Tribhuvan

daman , most beautiful villages of nepal
Daman ( most beautiful villages of Nepal )

Highway, which was opened in the year 2013 BS, has also helped in the development of tourism there. Nepal’s first view tower, which was named Sheetal View Tower, is also in Daman. From this view tower, one can get a panoramic view of Palung, Daman, Bajrawarahi, Chitlang and other places as well as 8 out of 10 highest mountains in the world.

Daman is considered to be very rich in terms of biodiversity. A temperate horticulture center has been set up here for the study of forest and vegetation, mountain botanical gardens, fruits and food crops. Daman is one of the 100 tourist destinations in Nepal declared by the federal government.

Daman is also the holy land of Risheshwar Mahadev of the Hindus and Rampoche, the guru of the Buddhists. This holy and famous pilgrimage site is located between Seam Bhanjyang and Daman. To reach here, one has to walk for about an hour from that place on Tribhuvan Lokpath. Large crowds of pilgrims flock here on Fridays and Saturdays. Every year a special fair is held here on the big Ekadashi, Phagupurni, Janapurni and Shivaratri days.(Beautiful villages of Nepal )

  1. Barpak

Barpak is a village full of natural beauty. Barpak has a lot of tourist and historical heritage. Barpak is also the hometown of Victoria Cross winner Gaje Ghale in World War II. Barpak is located in a scenic place at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level. Barpak is home to 40 Dalit households and the remaining half of Ghale Tharka Dange, Sami, Dhyalsang, Rilang and Gurung castes 4 and 16 castes. The range of Manaslu, Buddha and Ganesh Himal can be seen from the hill above the village.

Tourists visiting Barpak camp in this place. The number of tourists visiting Barpak has increased after the reconstruction. The government had tried to relocate the quake-affected people of Barpak to other places. However, the people of Barpak did not want to give up. The people of Barpak love a bag full of blood and sweat. The culture of Barpak, which is full of natural beauty, is their identity. There are very few villages in Nepal where tourists have a special identity. Barpak is a village with a special identity. From Barpak in the lap of Buddha Himal, you can see the Manaslu Himal range (Puchu Dandar Kang). In Barpak, not only in other districts, but also in Gorkha, people from villages other than Barpak are not allowed to buy land. The Seven Sisters have 21 homestays in Barpak.

Micro hydropower has generated electricity to reach Barpak village. The plowing of maize by the people (like cattle) is also done in Barpak. Whether living in Hong Kong, Brunei or the United Kingdom, it is customary for a boy or a girl to marry a boy or a girl from the village in Barpak. Noise and singing after 10 pm is prohibited. There is a tradition of not allowing guests to move and stay ahead of Angeno. Strict code of conduct such as not consuming more than 1-2 glasses of alcohol while staying in the homestay is applicable in Barpak.

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  1. Dhampus

dhampus, best place of nepal to travel , village of nepal,
The most beautiful villages of Nepal 1

Dhampus shire is located 25 KM north of the central Kaski district. Dhampus is a common Gurung townsman dippy at an advance of 1650 m above the sea level. The townsman offers an spell to receipt the suavity of the resident Gurung community. Adding, ramble match up breech accede to the landscape view of Himalayas. Annapurna Agglomeration block and Manaslu Bank arena are the burgee cumulate ranges which foot be seen strange Dhampus. First light and dusk views distance Wean away from the hilltop would be an amazing assume. Close by dynamism experience is the principal possessions to set during your Dhampus visit. Dhampus townsperson is besides enormous for a rude assignation and imperative hiking from Pokhara valley. The particular is on the admissions to the Annapurna management parade-ground and on the mix of Annapurna horrid starting-point stroll and combine succeed treks. Near are a handful of hiking routes to polish off Dhampus neighbouring. Kinsmen tuchis reach by the off-road drive to Dhampus. Match up abscond begins from Phedi village, around 30 minutes drive from Pokhara. From Phedi, a tough in addition begins, which is approx 2 KM to reach lower Dhampus. Pass muster reaching the be after close you can galvanize the diversion towards village settlement of Dhampus village.(Beautiful villages of Nepal)

  1. Tansen

Palpa District isn’t far from Pokhara and easily reached by way of bus. The ancient hill city of Tansen in this district gives a more tranquil atmosphere where time actions slowly and the laid again lifestyle is infectious. stroll down the cobbled streets inside the vintage bazaar to discover a manner of lifestyles pretty different from present day Pokhara’s Lakeside. discover the Shreenagar Hills or go for an afternoon hike to the Rani Mahal, as soon as a vibrant palace on the banks of the Kali Gandaki River.

tanselpalpa, most beautiful villages of Nepal
Tansen (Beautiful village of Nepal)

Halfway among Pokhara and the Indian border, Tansen showcases a few antique inventive Newari homes and cobbled streets. Centuries ago, Newar businessmen from Kathmandu arrived in Tansen to trade, bringing with them their art and architecture. The picturesque town of Tansen is the headquarters of Palpa District and the hub of the lifestyle of the mid-west.  The landscape rises from 250m to two,2000m in elevation and is home to numerous plant life and fauna. Ddespite the fact that Tansen is dominated by way of traditional Newari structure, the district is home to the Magar human beings, and the name “Tansen” has its origins in the Magar language, meaning “northern settlement.”  Palpa is one of the twelve Magar regions of West Nepal and enjoys a rich, numerous lifestyle and faith. Palpa changed into the seat of the Sen nation that ruled over this region from the 6th century for nearly 300 years.

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  1. Nagarkot

The identity of Nagarkot, which is close to the capital, is extremely narrow. many of us choose Nagarkot especially to observe the sunrise and sunset. So this place is one among the highest ten places within the world to ascertain the enchanting view of sunrise. However, the scenic beauty of Nagarkot isn’t limited to that.

Nagarkot bhaktapur
Most beautiful villages of Nepal

From Nagarkot, one can see Langtang, Ganesh, Gaurishankar, Dorje Lakpa, Choyu, Puwari, Sisapag and other mountain ranges. Even when the weather is open, the highest peak, Everest , are often seen from here. Nagarkot are often an appropriate place even for adventure sports and hiking lovers. rock climbing, which is an adventure sport, is additionally an attraction here. Similarly, the hiking route from Nagarkot to Sankhu, Dhulikhel and Chisapani is taken into account to be very exciting. However, it’s not been properly discussed.

Even though there are numerous things to draw in tourists to Nagarkot, there’s no direct bus company from the capital Kathmandu, says an area tourism entrepreneur. He said that the embarrassing situation of getting to vary to a different bus after falling on Kamal Binayak while coming by conveyance from Kathmandu should be addressed. It takes two hours by public bus from Ratna Park in Kathmandu to Nagarkot via Kamal Binayak in Bhaktapur.

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