How I get Vaccinated against covid-19 corona virus in Nepal?

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vaccination in Kathmandu Nepal

An epidemic like the corona virus has affected not only Nepali but the entire world.
However, it was natural for a low-income, poor country like Nepal to suffer even more.
The only way to get rid of the virus is to get vaccinated against Covid-19 corona virus.
And this video is about the second phase of vaccination against the corona virus.
In this Article blog, I have answered these questions. How to get vaccinated against corona in Nepal? ,
What vaccine did I get? And has the vaccine against corona affected me to this day?

What vaccine did I get against Corona virus (covid-19)?

What vaccine did I get against covid-19?
The vero cell I got is a Chinese vaccine.
According to the latest statistics, this Vero cell vaccine has saved 96% of people from being hospitalized.
Even in China, almost everyone was vaccinated with the Vero cell vaccine.

For more information on the vaccine,
Vero Cell – Hong Kong Academy of Medicine

Is it safe to get the Vaccinated against covid-19 corona virus ?

Personally, I haven’t seen any side effects so far.
I heard that some people were feeling very tired, but I did not see any problem.

vaccination in Nepal video

How to get vaccinated against corona virus in Nepal?

Those who missed the first dose of corona virus vaccine
You have to go to the official website of the Government of Nepal and fill the forum.

click to register your name to get vaccine

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