Rara Lake, a piece of paradise,Must visit once in a lifetime

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Rara Lake is considered to be the largest and most famous lake in Nepal. Rara Lake in Mugu district was named after the nymph of heaven by King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah in the year 2020 BS.

There is an old legend that Rara became more and more important after King Mahendra named her Apsara. Rara Lake, located at an altitude of 2990 meters above sea level, is now easily accessible. Rara Lake is 3.2 km long and 167 m deep. Rara Lake covers a total area of ​​10.8 km.

However, Rara Lake has not been able to attract foreign tourists. However, domestic tourists are not able to stay easily during the season. There are only two places to stay, including the Dafe Hotel, near Rara Lake. Even the existing hotels do not have enough rooms.

The hotel keeps tents for the visitors. Both air and land routes can be used to reach Rara Lake. Murma Top, located at an altitude of about 4,000 meters above sea level, is a suitable place to see the entire shape of the lake. Rara changes its color according to the rays of the sun. The number of foreign tourists visiting Rara Lake, Nepal’s largest, has not been as high as it should have been. But domestic tourists have been arriving remarkably.

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How to go Rara lake ?

Both air and land routes can now be used to reach Rara. If you want to go in your own vehicle through the land route, you will stop at Sallaghari near the lake. Most people now use motorcycles in their vehicles.

If you go by air, you can reach Rara Lake after walking for about two hours from Mugu’s Talcha Airport. Rara can also be reached by public transport. Until a few years ago, Rara could be reached in 10 days by walking from Surkhet.

But now you don’t have to walk for 10 days to reach Rara. There is a daily Karnali bus service from Kathmandu to Jumla for public transport.

Khalanga, the district headquarters of Jumla, can be reached by bus in about 30 to 32 hours from Kathmandu. From Jumlas, local buses do not leave for Rara. Those who go by car should reserve a small vehicle. However, a bus can be found from Khalang to Gamgadi, the district headquarters of Mugu, via the Sinja Valley. Rara can be reached in four to five hours by walking from Gamgadi.

A car costs Rs 25,000 to travel from Khalanga. However, it takes two days to reach Rara on foot from Jumla. Apart from this, one can reach Rara Lake by reserving a vehicle from Nepalgunj and Birendra Nagar of Surkhet.

From Surkhet, you can reach Jumla’s Goruchaur via Karnali Highway. The Karnali Highway, which is connected to the Jumla headquarters, can be reached from Nagmaghat in Calicut through the Sinja Valley, the birthplace of the Nepali language, and from Goruchaur to Rara Lake.

Rara Lake can be easily reached in a four-wheeler. Two airports can be used to reach Rara by air. There are flights from Banke’s Nepalgunj-based Raja Airport and from Surkhet to Mugu’s Talcha.

After landing at Talcha Airport, Rara can be reached in a few hours on foot. However, if you travel by air from Kathmandu, you can reach Kathmandu in two days by reaching Rara. On the morning flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgajj. From Nepalgajj, you can go to Talcha Airport again.

Rara can be reached in two hours from Talcha. Even if you stay in Rara for one night, you can easily reach Kathmandu by air the next day. The air route brings Rara closer. However, the scenic hills of Calicut, Dailekh, Jumla and Mugu and Patan are not suitable for air travel.

The easiest way for pedestrians to reach Rara Lake is to reach Jumla. However, before reaching the Jumla headquarters, one can go through the Sinja Valley from Nagma. Danphelek can be reached in about three hours walk from Jumla headquarters. When you reach Danphe Lake, there is no place to drink water in the middle. You have to carry water yourself.

From Danphe Lake, you can see the big roof of Jumla. There is no pain in the legs due to the beautiful view of sheep grazing in Patan. Jumla’s Khalichaur Patan can be reached in about an hour’s walk from Danphe Lake. There are only one or two hotels for tea and breakfast. Where herbal spices can be found in tea.

Kavra can be reached by walking slowly from Khalichaur. In Kavra, you can see small old style houses carved in the disco of Padad. From there, after an hour’s walk, you reach a place called Chautha of Jumla. From there, you can reach Jumla by walking uphill for an hour. In case of confusion, the traffic is also good.

After the mistake, the check post of Rara National Park starts. As soon as you go about one hundred meters from the check post, there are two ways. Rara can be reached from anywhere. Rara can be reached by crossing the highest hill on the left side. But, if you take the other way, you can reach the place. There is no easy way to reach Jyari. The forest path should go straight downhill. There is also a hotel for breakfast in Jhari. From Jyari, you can reach Patan near Rara after a journey of about three hours.

The breathtaking view of the grasslands near Rara, the angular green forest, the large meadows all around, the blue sky above, the lazy snow-capped mountains to the north, the waterfalls and the white clouds playing hide-and-seek with the cold siretto.

Even after reaching near Rara, he still asked, “How is Rara Lake?” Curiosity is still going on in my mind. There is a huge goreto in the middle of Sallaghari. Dry limes spread to the branches of the tree, along with shrubs that are difficult to penetrate into the forest. Wild music resounds with the sound of jingling in the middle of the bushes. After walking for about 30 minutes, an unexpected divine world comes. That is Rara. Even in that, Rara’s change in different ways attracts everyone’s attention.

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How much does it cost to go to Rara lake ?

If you are thinking of going for a walk in Rara, then it is not a costly destination. If you choose the cheapest route to Rara, you can reach Rara in 17,000 and come to Kathmandu.

The bus fare from Kathmandu is Rs 2700. One thousand is enough for lunch on the way. Accommodation with food worth Rs. Three thousand rupees is enough to walk from there to Raratal in two days.

From the horse riding of Rara Lake, one night’s stay and food is enough for two thousand people. When you stop on the same route, you reach Kathmandu in about 17,000. No, even if I travel by air when I return, it doesn’t cost much. Because you can come to Nepalgunj’s Raja Airport from Talcha for only 4200 rupees. Even if you come to Kathmandu after spending one night in Nepalgunj, you will not spend more than Rs 17,000. However, reserving a vehicle from Nepalgajj and Surkhet or Jumla headquarters Khalanga can cost up to Rs 3,000 more.

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When is the best time to go to Rara?

The best time to visit Rara is from September to October and from April to May. Since it snows up to 1 meter from December to March, it is not suitable at this time as the temperature here is below zero. The lake water also looks frozen. However, Nepalis tend to go for more walks between Dashain and Tihar.

The Talcha-Nepalgunj flight takes off from Rara. Due to which the observer can capture the beautiful view of the lake from the sky. Seen from the sky, Rara looks like a valley and looks dark blue. In the season from May to August, the beauty of Rara Lake, which looks like the peace of heaven by wearing various flowers, is enhanced by the musk, rhubarb and scarecrow found in Rara Nikunj.

When Sisne and Kanjirova come and stay in Himal Rara, they feel that there is no word to describe it. . After a three-hour walk from Rara to the west, you can reach Sampal Himal from Murmatap.

snow at rara lake
snow at rara lake

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