Chuwa khola area of Humla An enjoyable Unforgettable trip/hiking

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The Chuwa Khola area in Ward No. 1 of Simkot village municipality of Humla in the Himalayan district is likely to become a tourist destination. There are many grounds for attracting tourists by developing the physical infrastructure and promoting the tourist sites in the area.

Although I heard the name Chuwa Khola and consumed the goods brought from there by exchanging goods, I could not reach there. But I wanted to go. Coincidentally, this time around the area.

How to go to Chuwa khola area of Humla?

wooden bridge on chuwa Khola humla
Chuwa khola area of Humla An enjoyable Unforgettable trip/hiking 1

On the first day, we went to Dojam village from the district headquarters Simkot. We got up early last morning and moved on. Four friends and I had planned a trip to Chuwa Khola river area.

We reached Pipladi area in half an hour from Dojam village. Dojam was on the road near Karnali. It was an opportunity to observe in the morning the sight of the river releasing water bubbles and ripples.

Even then, the journey continued. After a while, we reached the lower Sanghu area. We proceeded on a perilous journey of wooden bridge.

 The journey continued. Somewhere along the river bank, some of the hilly areas of the Galdora area were also cut.

Somewhere forest paths, empty meadows, somewhere rivers, somewhere flowers of different colors. In the meantime, it was eleven o’clock in the morning.

The stomach started screaming with hunger. We had to carry our belongings so that we could not find a place to stay. A fire was lit on the bank of the river at the entrance.

cattles on chuwakhola area of Chuwa khola humla
Chuwa khola area of Humla An enjoyable Unforgettable trip/hiking 2

In the morning, I boiled rice and noodles brought from the house of my traveling companion Narendra Lama and ate them. The food may have been sweet because of hunger.

The family of five other people from Dojam had also come with us to move the khark. They also ate there. Shortly after eating, we moved on.

I started to feel severe pain while walking. But we had to move on. Ghodamaiya, Nilikandha also had to walk some inconvenient road, but the new, interesting view from left to right did not know that the road was cut.

Then came Kalapani. High roofs began to appear. We stayed there for some time.

The day before, I ate an apple taken from Ratna Bohara’s house. We also ate cockroaches taken from the village. Then the journey continued again. We reached the vertical gorge where the room bridge was built over the river and took a camera to take a photo.

Kharkala and cattle were being carried on the inconvenient bridge. There is a lot of risk and a long sim came with a deep sigh. After coming to the area, I dared to ride a horse for some time.

Other times I didn’t ride a horse. I’m afraid to ride a horse. Now only the roof of Buki grass was visible. The journey became more enjoyable. We had to reach Lade Khola (river) in the evening and stay there. I went there.

We also saw the first kharka during the trip. In the evening, the sheep, goats, goats and sheep have already arrived. The shepherds began to milk. We stayed with Kharkala that night. Probably due to fatigue, sleep was sweet.

sheep , horse of Humla
Chuwa khola area of Humla An enjoyable Unforgettable trip/hiking 3

There was still time to travel. We got up early in the morning and started walking. I had to cross the river. The lama asked me to get on the back of the horse, but I could not say no and got on. This was the first time I had crossed the river on horseback.

 Looking at the water, the river is flowing. And I blinked. After some time, when I opened my eyes, I reached the river crossing.

After some time we reached Gurunggad. We stayed that night. We also ate breakfast there. The water in the mountains was very cold. At the same time, Kharkala had to send Jhopa across the river to graze. He jumped straight into the river. Something went wrong.

 I was scared too. I saw it for the first time. After a while, the animals crossed the river. When there is no bridge to cross the river, people are forced to jump into the river.

After the meal, it was decided to go for a walk. Lacharm, Sumna is the place where the river made the lake. Chinese smugglers are coming to the area to graze cows. But this time, due to Corona, the Chinese shepherds did not bring the stolen Nepali to the forest.

We enjoyed the lake for a long time. Friends also took photos. Before that there was no Khark. We had to return from here. We returned.

The border with China should be drawn in that area. But it is not open this time because of Corona. If the checkpoint had been opened, people would have come for business, but this year there was no one but Kharkala and cattle.

pond on Chuwa khola river
Chuwa khola area of Humla An enjoyable Unforgettable trip/hiking 4

In fact, there are ample grounds to develop the Chuwa river area as a tourist destination if it can be promoted. The importance of this region is further enhanced by the high plateaus, bookies, wild animals, rivers, lakes, forest grazing, sheep rearing and good mountains.

After returning, I went to Kharka in the evening and talked to Kharkala. That night also happened with Kharkala. The next morning we left at five o’clock.

Chuwa khola river area of Humla

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