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Heavenly Khaptad National Park Area


Khaptad National park is located at the confluence of four hilly districts of the Seti Zone of western Nepal, Bajhang, Bajura Doti and Achham. Its area is 225 square kilometers. It was established on 23th June,  1985 A.D. This park is one of the best tourist destinations in Nepal. It stands in the middle of the Khaptad region, which stretches from 1,262 to 3,276 meters above sea level.  Khaptad, known as the heaven on earth of the far west, has 26 small lakes with 22  roof grasslands. Hundreds of varieties  flowers of khapatd grassland  make the heart happy. Khaptad is a memorable place to forget the pain due to the everlasting peaceful environment of the birds.

It is surrounded by 53 ridges. Which is called jhoti in the local language.

This is the holy place where Khaptad Baba performed penance 50 years ago. Considered as a paradise on earth, Khaptad national park is a suitable destination not only for its natural beauty but also for its religious tourism.

According to legend, these ridges are made from the soil thrown by the second Pandava Bhima while plowing. This region, which was practiced by sages  in ancient times, is also described as Khecharadri mountain in Puranas. The khechar means the abode of the gods and their abode. The grasslands and flower gardens of Khaptad national park are amazed by the various stone figures and even the caves are proving to be the land of the gods. The region has great potential for religious tourism. Legend has it that the Pandavas lived here for fourteen years during the war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas.

Khaptad national park area is considered religiously sacred and 5.5 sq km is set aside for religious purposes. In Vikram Samvat 2002, Bajhangi King Ramjung Singh built a hut for a sadhu from India and kept him in this area for penance in the dense forest of Khaptad Natioanl park .

He described Khaptad National park area as a land of gods and after spreading the importance of religious tourism in the country and abroad, the place got wide discussion. Later he became known as Khaptad Baba. Khaptad Baba’s penance in this land is very useful and powerful. V.S. He died in the year 2052 BS while doing penance. Khaptad National Park area has become more famous after the settlement of Baba in this region which has religious significance since ancient times.

khaptad baba asram area
Khaptad National Park’s khaptad baba Aasram

The glory of Khaptad National Park

The 22  roof (valley) of grassland and colourful flowers in Khaptad National park have succeeded in winning the hearts of tourists. There are shapes of big stones like snake stone, harina charijethi bahurani, chhinte stone, reai ghatt chhai pani, bhim launi, rota chaulthai. Various Religious power area like Sahasralinga, Triveni, Khaptad Baba Kuti, Khapar Daha, Shiva Temple Triveni Temple, Maikathan, Ganesh Temple, Trivenidham Kedardhunga are very famous. Worshiping in that place has always been believed to fulfill the desires of the mind. Thousands of pilgrims gather here at the Ganga Dussehra Fair in the month of Baisakh, Jeth and Asar.(months of Bigram Sambhat calander) . There is also a religious belief that bathing in Trivenighat washes away sins. It is also believed that the river Saraswati flowed secretly. Similarly, it is said that Yudhisthira was passing through Khaptad when he went to heaven. Khaptad is mentioned in the Skanda Purana. There it is called ‘Khecharadri’. Khaptad is believed to have been corrupted by a mule.

Khaptad Baba Kuti is also a place to visit after visiting Khaptad National park area . There are idols of Baba as well as some items used by Baba. Baba had spent 50 years in Khaptad. He has also left his work to us. In which he wrote books on theology, thought science, health science, me and my duty, feminism, masculinity, enlightenment, yoga science, Vedanta science, health science. Khaptad, the land of the beautiful far west that many have heard of and want to visit. Spiritual, yoga and meditation destination. When you reach the big patan (chaur), daha, animals and mountains, the beauty of the place and the beautiful courtyard of nature, the mind becomes light.

This place, which is made fun by nature, has a large grass field, small mounds and a pleasant forest. Trivenidham is the confluence of Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati rivers. Khapar Daha is also amazing. In the temple near Khapar Daha, the residents of Khaptad Chhanna (six hundred Chhannas) bring a dola with pomp and circumstance to the temple near Khapar Daha around mid-August. . The temple at Khapar Daham was recently constructed by Thapa of Panchgaon with the help of Chhanna Basi. On this occasion, a fair is held at Sandandanda of Patadeval. . Trivenidham is the confluence of Ganga, Jamuna and Saraswati rivers. The fields of Khaptad, where cows and horses enjoy, are surrounded by dense forests and large fields in the middle. This area full of biodiversity has become a national park since 2042 BS. For the security of this area, a battalion of Nepal Army has been established in Khaptad since 2047 BS.

Khaptad National Park weather

If the weather changes in Khaptad National Park from November to April, it may snow at any time. There is a history of 8/9 feet of snow falling in winter before. It is very difficult to get there after the snow has accumulated. Earlier, five Nepal Army personnel lost their lives in the snow of Khaptad. Only after the army clears the snow of the road can one go up. Due to the lack of standard hotels and other necessary infrastructure in this snow-covered place from November to February, the arrival of foreign tourists has not been effective. . It is very cold even in summer in Khaptad, so warm clothes are a must. Raincoats or umbrellas have to be carried along as the weather can change at any time. Apart from these, it is also useful to take medicines for dry food, diarrhea, headache etc. There is a real experience of fainting for writing on the hill above Zriken while leaving Doti 8/9 years ago.

How to get to Khaptad National park and how long does it take?

wey to Khaptad Area
Transportation for Khaptad national Park Area

From Kathmandu to Khaptad National Park area , direct bus service from Kathmandu to Bajhang is 24 hours, Kathmandu to Dhangadhi, Dhangadhi to Bajhang can be reached by bus.  from Kailali, Attaria on East-West Highway. Of the four districts of the state No. 7(sudur paschim), the most suitable and most convenient journey has recently been from Khaptad Chhanna village municipality of Bajhang. If you want to go to Khaptad, you can take a 12/14 hour bus ride from Dhangadhi to Khodpe of Baitadi by your own vehicle or by reserving a jeep. After reaching Melatadi, it is a 3-hour trek to Khaptad. The border of Bajura of 7 Gadraya can also be reached by Sape Bippaya jeep journey. After walking for about 2 hours from that place, you can reach the beautiful land of Khaptad.

Among the many roads to reach Khaptad National Park is the road from Silgadhi in Doti. To reach Silgadhi, one has to travel nine hours by bus from Attaria to Silgadhi. From Silgadhi, you can reach Zigarana check post through Baglek. After going straight uphill, Beechpani then reaches Khaptad by a 3 hour straight road. You can also land at Doti’s Dipayal by plane from Nepalgunj. Helicopters can be arranged and Khaptad can be landed directly. The experience of King Birendra Shah visiting Triveni Dham of Khaptad when we were little is still fresh today. As the construction of the road connecting Khaptad area of Silgadhi-Sanphebgar road section has started, vehicles are expected to reach the outer area of Khaptad in a few years. From this it is known that Khaptad will be  the destination of Agile man.

Similarly, on airplane to  Dhangadhi and private vehicles can be rented  .If you travel by bus to Dhangadhi and Bajhangand and also if you return by bus, it costs around Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000 for 10 days depending on the amount of your expenses. From Kathmandu to Dhangadhi and Dhangadhi to Kathmandu by airplane and from Dhangadhi to Bajagang or Doti and from Bajhang or Doti to Dhangadhi by bus it costs more money. Apart from this, if you want to enjoy horse riding in Khaptad, the cost may increase a bit. Although there are four hospices here, he lacks proper management. Although there are hotels at the fair, there is a lack of adequate accommodation. Nowadays, even if a few tents are set up by various organizations  showing interest, it does not seem to be effective.

What kind of plants are found in Khaptad National Park ?

In Khaptad national Park , Lauth pine tree is considered to be very strong for making window doors for the house. In addition, Jhule pine tree, Banch, Laliguraunska Bot, Gurauns, Dhupi pine tree, Utis, Dallo, Hande, Okhar, Machhaina, Ghagaru, Bakaino, Chilaune, Aiselu, Chiraito, Panch Aule, Hattajadi, Bhutkesh, Katus, Kharsu, Beulo Nigalama There are hundreds of other types of plants, such as caraway, guala, chutrau, kirmuna, and banko.

khaptad national park village
Khaptad National Park

Animals found in Khaptad National Park

Khaptad is home to more than 200 species of colourful flowers, about 400 valuable herbs, 18 species of terrestrial animals, 372 species of flora, hundreds of species of birds, as well as musk deer, wood bears, wildebeests, leopards, vassals .

Where seen from Khaptad

Not only Api Shaipal but also some Indian mountains can be seen from Khaptad region. Judy, who has a beak like a bull near the soldier’s cape, runs from the base to the top and goes there according to the belief of the mind. At that point, the army gives the Gurel, Liggan and Chure mountains of Khaptad Chhanna of Bajhang from a place like a wooden lookout tower, while the thorns of Bajura and other parts of Achham can be seen from this place.

Tourists in Khaptad have not been able to come as expected due to lack of hotels and lack of publicity.

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