Mount Kailash can be seen from Lakpa Syar of Humla Nepal

Mt. Kailash from Nepal

Humla is a district untouched by material development and happiness. While it is also adorned with natural resources and beauty. And also can be seen Mount / mt. kailash from lakpa syar .

For example, Limi Valley. Once you reach this valley, which is full of Tibetan culture, you will not be distracted. The unique natural beauty fascinates everyone.

Indigenous public life also makes the visitor feel different. The places of interest here are the ancient monasteries. These monasteries are said to be more than a thousand years old.

How to reach limi Lakpa Syar ?

limi syar humla Nepal
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To reach Limi Valley, one has to walk for five days from Simkot, the capital of Humla. The valley is made up of three villages, Til, Halji and Jang. A road from Simkot to Limi is being constructed. Almost these two places are already connected by road. In some places on the Chasra hill, construction work remains.

There are two nearby destinations that can be reached from Limi Valley, Taklakot in China and Lakpa Lapcha Syar. Let’s leave Taklakot. You have to walk for 6 days to reach Lakpa Syar.

syar humla Nepal mt kailash
Mount Kailash can be seen from Lakpa Syar of Humla Nepal 1

Mount Kailash can be seen from Lakpa Syar huma Nepal . The locals say that if this place can be developed for Mount Kailash, it will help in the promotion of tourism. Mount Kailash i.e. Mansarovar is an attractive destination for religious tourists. Tourists flock here because of the religious belief that one goes to heaven after visiting Kailash.

Simkot of Humla is considered to be the gateway to Mount Kailash. However, to get there, you have to arrange a visa, which is a bit cumbersome. If this is not a hassle, Lakpa Syar may be the right destination.

There are two ways to reach Lakpa Syar. One is to go to Lakpa Syar via Limi from Hilsa Road and the other is to go to Lakpa Syar via Limi via Nyalo Pass 4950 meters. It may take three weeks to reach there from Simkot.

Tenzing Norbu Lama, a tourism entrepreneur, says

mt kailash can be seen from lakpa syar
Mount Kailash can be seen from Lakpa Syar of Humla Nepal 2

Most of the visitors to Humla are religious tourists. Passengers going to Mansarovar of China via Humla pass through Nepalgunj and Surkhet.

Now airfare is a bit expensive, it can be manipulated. The Government of India has been providing subsidy to the passengers going to Mansarovar. Considering their convenience, we have to make a package for a week or ten days after the lockdown.

It doesn’t matter if you have trouble getting to Mansarovar or have a visa problem. Mansarovar can be visited from Lakpa Syar. Instead, if we could develop this Lakpa Syar, it would be a great help to local tourism.

It seems that not only Humla but the entire state would have benefited from this. Because Mansarovar is a special destination for holy and religious tourists. Therefore, we can also benefit from the tourism of Mansarovar in our own way.

For this, it is necessary to spread the word about Lakpa Syar in the beginning. After that, necessary infrastructure will have to be prepared keeping in mind the convenience of tourists.

If this integrated development can be done in such a way, not only tourists will flock to Lakpa Syar to see Mansarovar, but also tourists from Tibet and China will be attracted to Karnali. Because there are plenty of ancient monasteries here.

Similarly, tourism entrepreneurs in Karnali should be able to coordinate with travel agencies in Kathmandu.

If we can inform the visitors of Pokhara, Chitwan and Eastern Himalayan region about the importance of Karnali, its archeological sites and suitable places for research through their agencies, then the tourists who come in their package will also come to see Karnali once.

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