Beautiful places of Dolakha to visit – Cable car in Kalinchok !

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With the development of tourism infrastructure, Beautiful places of Dolakha and also the Kalinchok Bhagwati Temple in Dolakha has become an attractive destination for pilgrims & Travelers. Dolakha is considered to be a district rich in religious, natural, biological and water resources with archeological and mythological historical significance. Due to which there are many places to attract tourists. After reaching Dolakha, tourists choose the Kalinchok Bhagwati Temple. After reaching the temple of Kalinchok Bhagwati, tourists feel that they are standing on the side of the mountain.

The Kalinchok Bhagwati Temple, which can be reached in a few hours’ journey from Kathmandu, has come into operation today. Pilgrims have been flocking to the temple of Kalinchok Bhagwati since the cable car came into operation. There are 4 compartments in the cable car. Each box has a seating capacity of 10. First, one had to walk one kilometer uphill to reach the temple from Kuri in Kalinchok. Some of the pilgrims were forced to return from the middle of the road as they could not climb the hill. Cable car now. It takes only five minutes to reach the temple from the station. From the cable car, Kuri Bazaar and the panoramic view of the mountains can be seen up close.

The Kalinchok temple complex is at an altitude of 3,842 meters. Kalinchok is also important in terms of natural beauty. Shiva is believed to be the playground of Parvati. Kalinchok Bhagwati is considered to be the sister of Palannchok Bhagwati of Kavre and Shobha Bhagwati of Kathmandu. There is always water in the tank of the temple premises. Kalinchok Bhagwati Temple is not only for pilgrimage but also a beautiful view. From the temple premises, one can feel not only the Gaurishankar Himal but also the Langtang Range. From the top of the temple, tourists come to see the rolling and Langtang mountain ranges as well as the beautiful view of sunrise and sunset.

The landslide was caused by a devastating earthquake from Takura in Kalinchok. Tourists were afraid to reach the temple as they were at risk of landslides. Pilgrims visiting Kalinchok are now forgetting all that. Kalinchok can be reached from Charikot on foot in seven hours or by car in one hour. An 18 km road has been constructed up to Kuri to reach Kalinchok. Private vehicles or rented jeeps can be reserved to reach Kalinchok now and the Kalinchok temple can be reached by cable car from Kuri. Surrounded by forests and cliffs, the Kalinchok temple can be reached on foot from Kuri. Tourists who enjoy hiking are not afraid to fight from the cliffs as iron fences have been erected in some places.

Nowadays, many people travel for leisure time. They decide their destination according to their leisure time and interest. Therefore, tourists go on pilgrimages in search of natural, cultural, historical and archeological sites. This type of property is never old in the tourist area. Upon reaching Dolakha, hiking can also be done for tourists who want to extend their travel time. Nowadays, people living in urban areas use the words adventure, fun, health, holiday, get-together and fellowship as soon as they say tourism. These English words that appeal to the urban youth are called hiking in one word. In the language of tourism, it means hiking in the mountains. Kalinchok is mostly visited by tourists from the capital. Tourists visit Kalinchok and Bhimeshwar temples in a package. Tourists also visit Kalinchok to enjoy the occasional snowfall in winter. Snow that falls once stays for at least a week. In the spring, the various flowers of Gurans also attract tourists.

Dolakha Bazaar

Tourists are considered incomplete if they do not reach Dolakha Bazaar during their visit to Kalinchok. Dolakha Bazaar is a historical place. There are famous Bhimeshwar temples, Tripura Sundari, Mahadev and Bhagwati temples in Dolakha. Nepal’s first silver coin was minted from Dolakha during the 24th reign. A gate dedicated to King Jayendra Singh Dev has been constructed at the entrance of Dolakha Bazaar. There are also houses and palaces with artistic eyes in the market. Apart from this, tourists can also visit Kumari Ghar, Tripura Sundari, Taleju Bhavani, Mahadev etc. temples and 9 Chaityas.

 Tourists visit Dolakha, which has 114 cultural heritages including monasteries, temples and ponds. Tourists are eager to visit the Bhimeshwar Temple because of the sweat that comes to the Bhimeshwar Temple during the drought in the country. The Bhimeshwar temple in Dolakha is historic. The triangular-shaped abstract black stone idol is worshiped as Bhimeshwar, Bhimsen and Bhairav. Bhimeshwar is seen as one Sheila three incarnations. The idol of Bhimeshwar is considered as Mahadev Pashupati and Rudri is worshiped. On the other hand, Wali is also worshiped as Bhimsen and Bhairav. There is no basis to determine when the statue of Bhimeshwar Bhimsen was erected. But it is estimated that this historical temple was established during the Kirat period. Apart from this, Dolakha is also an important place for tourists to visit. It is even more enjoyable for the tourists to reach Dolakha during the historical processions like chariot pulling procession and sword procession. Dolakha, located at a distance of 4 km from the district headquarters Charikot, takes 15 minutes by vehicle and about 45 minutes on foot.

Shailung one of the beautiful places of Dolakha

After reaching Dolakha, you have to reach Shailung. Shillong is an important natural tourist heritage of Dolakha. Shillong, which has 100 pillars, also has religious significance. The locals believe that sages performed penance in every corner of Shillong in the Satya Yuga. Many mountain ranges can also be seen from Shillong. To reach Shillong, you have to take a 20-minute walk from Sindhupalchowk to Kholakharka by car. Due to snowfall in January and February, Shillong has to be reached from February to May and from September to November. In Shillong, Godavari Flower Fair is held every 12 years and there is a religious gate to find out whether one has sinned or not.

sailung valley in Dolakha
Horse in Sailung valley

Lama Bagar

Lama Bagar in Dolakha has become an important destination especially for water resources tourists andone of the beautiful places of dolakha. A 456 MW hydropower project is being constructed in Lama Bagar. Similarly, study of 87 MW Tamakoshi Five has also started. In the past, Lama Bagar, which also had a small customs office, is connected to China’s Tibet. Lama Bagar also has the world famous Lapchi Gumba. Buddhists from different parts of the world visit the Lapchi Gumba every 12 years. There is even a place in the Gongar of Lama Bagar where Mahadev, mentioned in the story of Swasthani Brat, saw Goddess Sati by tearing the straw wall and seeing Kailash. Which is called Deulangeshwar Mahadev. It is believed that while visiting Deulangeshwar Mahadev, one does not get sick, does not have a child, does not have a child, and it is believed that what one thinks is old. Lamabgar, 68 km from Charikot, can be reached in about 4 hours by bus.

Jiri Valley

Jiri Valley one of the beautiful places of dolakha as well as Nepal, also known as the gateway to Everest, is a major tourist destination in Dolakha district. Jiri, also known as Zurich in Switzerland, is the second largest market in Dolakha. Jiri cheese and tea are famous. Jiri is also important financially as the Swiss government has developed Jiri Technical School, Animal Development Farm, Jiri Hospital, Cheese Industry, etc. under the Integrated Development Plan. To reach Jiri, the gateway to Everest, one has to travel 56 km by bus from Charikot. The Jiri Valley is full of scenic beauty. The Jiri Valley is inhabited by marginalized Jirels. Those who go to climb Mt. Everest and those who go to the Everest region are passing through Jiri. Especially foreign tourists go to Jiri’s Singati to visit the rolling area. Most of the villages in the rolling area, Dolakha and Ramechhap can be seen from Cherdung and Hanumante around Jiri.

Cherdung hill

cherdung hill dolakha
Cherdung Hill

After reaching Jiri, nature lovers must reach Cherdung hill and this is a one of the beautiful places of Dolakha. Cherdung Hill is a beautiful place in the northern part of Jiri. To reach Cherdung Danda, you have to walk 4 hours from Jiri Bazaar. Cherdung hill can be reached by climbing uphill from Jiri Bazaar through Botle, Salangding, Dolangsa, Patse and Kyang ponds. From Cherdung Danda, Gaurishankar Himal, Tamedanda, Hanumante Danda, Sigti, Jiribazar, Pike Danda, Shailung Danda, Sagarmatha Himal, Rolling Hills, Kathmandu Valley, Kalinchok Bhagwati and other places can be observed from one place.

Tsho rolpa Lake

beding tsho rolpa lake
Beautiful places of Dolakha to visit - Cable car in Kalinchok ! 1

Tsho rolpa Lake is located in the Rolling Valley of Dolakha. Tsho rolpa Lake is considered to be a very exciting place for trekkingand one of the beautiful places of dolakha. This valley is famous for its adventurous trekking. Foreign tourists visit Chhorolpa. This lake is the largest lake in Nepal. It is located at an altitude of 4,580 meters above sea level. According to a 1997 satellite map, Chhorolpa Glacier covers an area of ​​1.65 sq km. The depth of the lake is 135 meters and it is estimated that there is 100 million cubic meters of water in the lake. Gaurishankar Himal is on the border of Dolakha and China. Gaurishankar Himal is considered to be an important mountain in the rolling mountain range. Due to religious beliefs, Hindus are not allowed to climb Gaurishankar Himal, the symbol of Aradhyadeva Shiva and Parvati. The importance of this mountain has increased due to the fact that the standard time of Nepal has been determined on the basis of Gauri Shankar Himal.

After reaching Dolakha, Halesi Mahadev must be reached. Haleshi Mahadev in Dolakha Lama village is an important religious tourist destination. A big fair is held in this Halesi Mahadev on Janai Purni in the month of July. From this place, one can observe Cherdung Danda, Thoso Khola, Tamedanda and other places of nature.

How did Dolakha get its name?

Gauri Shankar, a yogi from India, began to do penance in a cave at the foot of the mountain. After receiving the gift from Lord Shiva, the jogi was happy. In a moment of happiness, the jogi walked around saying that he would come around once. But no matter how much he walked, he would reach the same cave. And even though Rit had wandered around two lakh times, he could not reach anywhere else, so he started living in the cave where he had done penance before. As he came to the same place even after wandering around two lakh times, the place was called Dolakha and later the word Dolakha was changed to Dolakha.

In the 7th century, trade between Bihar and Tibet in India used to pass through Dolakha. After the opening of this road, Dolakha was developed as a fort. After that, 700 Newar families were brought from Kathmandu Valley and settled there. After the development of the settlement in this way, it received Rs. It is also said that the name Dolakha was changed from Duilakha to Dolakha. On the other hand, in the Tibetan language, do means stone and temple means house.

How to get to kalinchok from Kathmandu ?

Dolakha Bazaar is a 134-kilometer journey from Kathmandu. When visiting Dolakha district, there is no inconvenience of accommodation. In the district headquarters Charikot, Jiri, Kalinchok, Dolakha, Lama Bagar, one can get a room for five hundred to two thousand rupees per day for a hotel, and one has to pay two hundred to two hundred and fifty rupees including food and meat.

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