Looking back at Lukla , the Gateway of Mt. Everest

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Lukla in Solukhumbu district is considered the gateway to The world’s highest peak, Mount Everest.

For climbing Mt. Everest, Lukla has become the gateway.

There are only two ways to reach Lukla, one by air and the other by foot.

There is no motor road to reach Lukla. It is fun to reach Lukla by having a direct interview with nature, laughing with the mountains, dancing with the rivers and singing along with the green forests and cold weather.

It was January, so I decided to travel on foot rather than by air because of the inclement weather. I got up early the next morning and started my journey from Salleri.

Crossing the Bhok Khola and Dudhkoshi through the impatient settlement of Mape Dudhkoshi, I went to a hotel called Kharikhola in Khumbu Pasang Lamu to have a little bath and drink tea. Probably because I grew up eating sweet tea, salty tea was new to me.

I drank salt tea and left, it was already 6 o’clock in the evening. The only way to get there was by car. After a short rest in Gath and a sip of tea, I started walking to Lukla.

Climbing high mountains and walking on the trail road was the first experience of my life. It was as if I saw a mule walking lazily on a high hill, on a dirt road, and with salt, oil, and food on its back. During the journey, small white grains began to fall as if someone had dropped pearls from heaven.

The touch of snow was also new to me. Walking through the snow-covered path, I arrived at Paiya to stay at about 9 o’clock that day and set off for Lukla early the next morning.

Squeezing in the rain water, drinking salty tea, sometimes boiling, sometimes sighing, finally arriving at my destination Lukla at 1 o’clock. I rested at the Hikersin Hotel for a while.

Lukla region no. 1 Solukhumbu District Khumbu is a beautiful city located in Pasangalhamu village municipality.

Most of the Sherpas live in this place and most of them practice Buddhism. Lukla Bazaar is spread over a small plain area surrounded by mountains, Lukla Chen and Khumbiyula Himal.

Central Tenzing Hillary Lukla Airport, one of the 10 most risky airports in the world, is also located here. At an altitude of 2860 meters, the weather in Lukla changes momentarily.

Frequent fog, occasional sunshine, and occasional rain are typical of Lukla seasons.

It can be seen that vegetables are cultivated in a small area around this Lukla Bazaar, which usually has cold weather for 12 months.

Lukla is a little expensive for food and accommodation. There is no inconvenience of living in Lukla. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

The sight of heavy snow on the roof of the house and the rays of the sun on the peaks of the mountains make one forget the fatigue of the body.

The main occupation of the people of this place, which attracts a large number of tourists, is the tourism business.

Most tourists come from Australia, UK, Germany, USA, Spain, France, Canada, India, China, Italy, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands and other countries.

Today’s need is to develop the agricultural sector along with the beauty of nature.

It would be better to develop tourism and agriculture by adopting the concept of agro-tourism in the Khumbu region.

Kiwi, cauliflower, banda, tomato, bean, radish, greens can be planted in the lower Khumbu area while high density apples can be planted in the upper Khumbu area. In Khumbu area, there is a practice of raising cows and selling cheese, kurauni and churpi.

If you are going to visit Lukla, you should prepare thinking that you are going on a journey in the Himalayas.

There is always snow on the hills around Lukla Bazaar, so the weather is cold. Don’t forget to wear thick clothes, sports shoes or trekking shoes, trousers, hats, thick socks.

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Looking back at Lukla , the Gateway of Mt. Everest 1

Should I keep medicine with me when I go to Lukla Nepal?

Also, if you have regular medication, you must carry it. Not only that, it is beneficial to take medicines for common types like headache, diarrhea, painkillers, Vix, gastric reduction. It is difficult to return from Luklanepal at the pre-determined time.

In some cases, there may be no flight for weeks. So you have to save extra for the trip to Lukla. At the same time, clothes and other items must be carried in sufficient quantity.

So you have to be mentally ready. After a two-day stay in Lukla, the weather turned nice, so this time I flew and landed at Phaplu Airport again.

Having a direct interview with nature, laughing with the mountains, dancing with the rivers, singing with the green forest and cold weather, I feel like I have come back from heaven. The LuklaNepal trip will always be unforgettable for me,

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Looking back at Lukla , the Gateway of Mt. Everest 2

Miss You Lukla!

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