The legendary ‘ Manungkot ‘, wanderers come to see the cloud / fog

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The weather is changing. The morning and evening winds are getting colder. Fog also signals the onset of winter.

Currently, Manungkot in Tanahu has become a center of attraction due to fog / cloud . Due to the epidemic of corona virus infection and lockdown, the affected tourist area has been given some relief and the activity of domestic tourists has started to be seen in the area.

People from Tanahu and nearby districts reach Manungkot early in the morning to see the fog.

There is even a mythical legend associated with this place. According to the story, the fog originated from Manungkot hill.

Maharshi Parasar was in love with Maheshi Veda Vyas’s mother Machheganda. It is said that Maharshi Parasar created the fog so that his love affair with others would not be seen.

sunrise at Manungkot
The legendary ' Manungkot ', wanderers come to see the cloud / fog 1

How to go to Manungkot ?

To reach Manungkot from Damauli, the district headquarters of Tanahu, one has to walk a 10 km long dirt road. The destination can be easily reached by scooter, bike, car. Pedestrians have to walk for about an hour.

Even before sunrise in the morning, the fog has covered Damauli Bazaar and the surrounding mountains. The scene remains the same until 12 noon.

As the fog clears, many mountain ranges like Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, Lamjung, Annapurna and Machhapuchhre can be seen. Damauli Bazaar, Gunadi, Madi river, Sange river and Seti river area in the south can also be seen clearly.

The area in Beas Municipality Ward No. 5 is being made systematic with the increase of domestic tourists. The local government under the central government started the work of installing railings at a cost of around Rs 3 million.

The legendary ' Manungkot ', wanderers come to see the cloud / fog 2

“We started installing railings last year. To be completed We are also constructing a view tower at a cost of Rs 4 million soon, ”said Ward Chairman Mohan Kumar Shrestha. According to him, the work has been affected by the lockdown and epidemic control directives. He informed that a restaurant is also being built in the hill complex. He also informed that the work of paving the road will start in a few days.

Manungkot is rich not only naturally but also culturally. This place, which is predominantly Magar, is also famous for Kaura dance.

Tourists start flocking to this area as soon as it snows. According to a local businessman, more than a hundred people enter the city daily.

Between 300 and 400 people come on Friday and Saturday, ”she said.

There were 30/40 houses in Manungkot earlier. All the people in the house had to walk for an hour for drinking water. Due to lack of water, people moved there. Currently there are about 7 houses. All of them have shops or small hotels. Tourists eat lunch. They even stay where necessary.

According to Businessman, there are ten to fifteen thousand trades on the day when people are busy. Tourism-focused home stays are also being built.

The locals are trying to promote the place and attract tourists. Every week, the residents of the area, in coordination with the municipality and the organization, come to clear the hill. However, weekly sanitation campaigns do not seem to be enough in places where daily crowds are increasing.

Locals say that government bodies should focus on waste management and water problems.

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