Life of a Kumari Goddess

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The Kumari goddess is a very honored deity in Nepal. Kumari is manifested in a young girl’s body.

Since the Malla Dynasty the three cities [of Katmandu Valley] have each had their own Kumari goddess. It is a tradition that has been going on for a long time. During the monarchy system, the queen would make the selection. But now the head priest takes [the children] and selects one. From what we had heard, they keep them in a dark room and perform prayers rituals, which they don’t show us. They look for the signs, and look at the qualities and make their selection.

It is called Battis Lakshanas (32 physical perfections). It is called Battis Lakshanas (32 physical perfections). It is called Battis Lakshanas (32 physical perfections).

 kumari 's Father , Ramesh bajracharya

Kumari Goddess Father told us that  “ My daughter became the Kumari goddess at age five. Now it’s been two years. Nepal’s goddess is fluid and all encompassing. She manifests herself in Kumari goddess. For centuries, Kumari goddesshave watched over Kathmandu. Many of the country’s leaders still seek their blessing to legitimize their rule. To maintain her purity, Kumari goddess feet must never touch the ground, and she may only speak to her immediate family. She is dismissed when she gets her period, and a new Kumari goddess must be selected. I used to work as a craft man. Now I have to watch over things here. I did not have any desire to keep my daughter as Kumari goddess. It was destined for us. The challenge is that she cannot go anywhere. She sits there if people come visit and worship. She is only allowed to talk to her family. She often talks to us. She is happy.”

Bipasa Bajracharya , Kumari's Sister

My name is Bipsa Bajracharya and I am Kumari’s elder sister. I help her with her homework while she is inside she cannot have contact with others, so I help her to have contact with others. She was very interest in eyeliner; she was interested in flowers; she was very interested in listening to the stories of goddess from a young age. She sometimes read the story books. It’s about the princess…. Cinderella, Snow White and that one. She also likes to play the violin. Kumari only leaves her temple to watch over religious festivals in Kathmandu. One of the most important is Bhoto Jatra, the culmination of a month long festival for rain and compassion. When Napalis have festivals, everyone comes with their children to bow.

Sumika Bajracharya former kumariI’m Sumika Boyrachasya; I am the former Kumari of Patan. Maybe around 11-years-oldI had my first periods, all the world turning upside down for me. It was a bit sad moment for the whole family and for me as well. So after that like, like I used to continue, so no more poojas, no more visitors, no more like going on out to festivals and life just went in a slow pace. I was the first Kumari who got education. I work in a communications organization. I’m doing my masters study as well. So, I’m balancing both my work and my studies too. Since I know I was a Kumari every moment was precious, so it was never difficult for me. I don’t expect people to respect me. I don’t like go around and say I’m Kumari and you have to respect me. I don’t do that. It’s the feeling of the people, if they feel they can, if they don’t I don’t mind. The tradition has changed a lot from past till me being Kumari. So, I don’t have big dreams, but let’s hope. I have big hopes, so like the field I’m working then I do have big hopes in that field too. After becoming a goddess, there aren’t any challenges in itself. That’s the thing. You’d call that her power. I made my daughter Kumari for the sake of honor out of respect to this age old tradition.

doing pujasIt will be difficult to make the transition back into society, but we are already working towards that. I have time to set everything up. She is already studying so that, eventually when she goes to school, it will not be that hard.


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