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The Mundhum Trail is going to be a tourist destination.

The Kepilasgadhi Municipality is going to make Mundum/ Mundhum Trail a means of tourism promotion. The village municipality plans to use the Mundhum Trail envisaged by the Government of Nepal to promote tourism in the four eastern hill districts (Khotang, Bhojpur, Solukhumbu and Sankhuwasabha).

The village municipality, in collaboration with G-Foundation, plans to build a footpath connecting Mundhum Trail from Chakheva to Mayungdanda, Satdobato, Bagrebhanjyang, Jugedanda, Lauredanda and Salpapokhari.

Village Municipality Chief Krishna Kumar Rai said that infrastructure development work has been started to connect Salpapokhari, a religious and tourist site between Khotang, Bhojpur, Solukhumbu and Sankhuwasabha, especially following the Mundhum Trail.

The 48-kilometer section of the Mundum Trail, designated by the Government of Nepal as one of the 100 tourist destinations, falls within the Kepilasgadhi village municipality.

 It is stated that the village municipality has allocated Rs. 800,000 and G-Foundation Rs. 800,000 in the current fiscal year to develop the necessary infrastructure to create an environment for easy access to and from Salpapokhari using the Mundhum Trail.

The Mundhum mundum Trail, prepared in 2075 BS with the objective of promoting tourism in the scenic spots of Khotang, Solukhumbu, Bhojpur and Sankhuwasabha, has attracted tourists from all four districts including Chakhevabhanjyang, Mayungdanda, Hanspokhari, Satdobato, Ravadhap, Salpapokhari and Silichungdanda.

Necessary structure construction work has been started with the aim of attracting domestic and foreign tourists entering the village through Mundhum / Mundum Trail and connecting the village with Salpapokhari.

For this, the Dorkhudobhan-Ghurvise footpath connecting the village to Mundhum Trail in Sundel and the maintenance of about one kilometer footpath from Nachi to Jambudhunga have been prepared with the budget of the village municipality and G-Foundation.

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Similarly, from the budget of the state government and village municipality, the footpath from Sundel Exit to Jambudanda around Mundhum Trail will be repaired, Ravadhap, Dhapledun, Rimadun, Exit, operation of Sahadeukhark Drinking Water Project from Jambudhunga, Jaljale-Deurali footpath will be repaired, Rewamuhan protected Is

Similarly, the road from Laure to Jugedanda will be repaired, Bagrebhanjyang homestay will be constructed, Bagrebhanjyang drinking water and watermelon will be constructed, Satdobato-Chhamuwakhola spring will be conserved and recharge pond will be constructed, said Rai.

Rai’s team, which had gone on November 29 to study the feasibility of developing tourism through Mundhum Trail, had returned on November 30.

The Kepilasgadhi Municipality has also made a multi-year plan for the development of tourism through the Mundhum Trail.

To study the feasibility of sky diving and paragliding from Dandakevir, to put railings in the footpath from Sundal to Sundel, to build a cultural homestay in Sundel, to study paragliding from Lauredanda and to study skydiving from Laredanda.

Similarly, the aim of the village municipality is to conserve the wetland area spread over an area of ​​about three square kilometers, construct Lauredanda-Chilimdhunga-Dhaltarbar footpath and construct Kepilasgadhidanda footpath, said Chief Administrative Officer Chhavilal Rai. He said that a budget will be prepared for this and plans will be taken forward gradually.

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