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Legend has been saying that heaven is the place where happiness is found. Among them, Gosaikunda trek  is the most beautiful, peaceful and cool land of nature. Which can be considered as the paradise of this earth. That is why Lord Shivaji had come in search of this heavenly land, scattering and searching for the poison of Calcutta. As if Gosaikunda was a paradise even for Lord Shivaji, the legend says the same. Gosaikunda in Rasuwa is famous as the only and proper destination for Hindus on the day of Janapurnima. Gosaikunda, which has mountain ranges and mountain valleys, has religious significance and is very famous for its tourist attractions. For nature lovers and hikers, for those who are looking for peace and cool, it is a paradise on earth. For those who reach this place, where they can live, even if they are told by others.

At an altitude of 14,000 feet, or 4,380 meters above sea level, Gosaikunda trek lake is 600 meters long and 370 meters wide. Gosaikunda is a gathering place for thousands of devotees and foreign tourists from many places, including Ganga Dussehra and Janapurnima. However, foreign tourists visit the area every month to experience the religious, cultural and natural beauty of the area. Therefore, the glory of Gosaikunda is considered to be rich in religious, biodiversity, history, tourism, art and culture. To understand all these dimensions, Gosaikunda can be considered as a book that can be studied as easily as a book. There is a belief that bathing here will wash away sins and attain virtue. Apart from Hindus, it is also a holy place of pilgrimage for Buddhists and Wonpo followers. For Janapurnima, the fair starts from Panchami and Ekadashi and Purnima are more crowded. This is the main attraction here. Due to the religious belief and practice that one has to visit once in a lifetime to be saved from sin and to earn virtue, even young and old people come from far and wide to bathe in the pool in the lap of the mountain. The practice of Jogi Babas coming from Vanaras of India and Pashupatinath of Kathmandu is old. From Pashupatinath, Jatadhari Babajogi (Religious Person) comes carrying an idol of Lord Shivaji on his head and a police team is deployed along with Baba.

during Gosaikunda trek,
On the way of Gosaikunda

To seek salvation from sin:

Hindus still have great faith and reverence for the holy site of Gosaikunda trek (lake). According to the mythology, the demons defeated the gods during a fierce battle between the gods and the demons. After the gods came to the shelter of Lord Vishnu, according to the advice of Lord Vishnu, the demon and the deity advised to make the sea together, to make the deity immortal by drinking the nectar that comes out of the churning of the sea, and then to destroy the demons by drinking honey. While churning the sea, various objects came out. Similarly, Calcutta poison also came out. Unable to bear the poison of Calcutta, some of the gods and demons fainted and some died. If it was not calmed down, it could have destroyed the world and the creation itself. Seeing this situation, after all the gods and demons took refuge in Lord Shiva, the merciful Lord Shiva himself had consumed the poison. Again the gods and demons fell into the ocean churning. Enraged by Lord Shiva’s drinking, he wandered around in the Himalayas to quell the envy of the poison. The popular legend is found in the religious texts that the jealousy calmed down after drinking the water coming out of it in three streams. It is believed that Lord Shiva or Mahadev is still sitting in the middle of the tank. According to the Puranas, there is a legend that whoever bathes in this pool on Saunmas, i.e. Janapurnima, all his sins in life will be destroyed. Gosaikunda is also the source of the Trishuli River. It is believed that the name of the river became Trishuli as the river flowed from the water that came out of the trident buried in the wall of the mountain by Shiva who was poisoned.

How to get Gosaikunda trek

Gosaikunda trek can be reached after a day’s walk from the district headquarters Dhunche to reach this tank located at a high place of Syaphru VDC of Rasuwa. Gosaikunda is reached after the ascent of Deurali, Cholangpati, Chandanbari and Laurivinayak from Dhunche. Due to frequent rains and extreme cold during the journey, the problem of worms on the way is bothering the passengers. Apart from this, the lake begins to form after reaching an altitude of three thousand meters. Cold sores, ringworm and headaches are another problem for travelers. Many lakes and ponds can be found during the Gosaikunda trek. The mountain ranges of Tibet including Annapurna, Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Langtang seen from here thrill the minds of tourists and pilgrims. The sunset seen from here also encourages to make the journey easier and other natural beauty attracts everyone’s heart. The pre-flags hung by Buddhists around the road give the impression of welcoming visitors with hospitality. More than a hundred species of flowering flowers and plants, jatamasi, padachamal, including the taste of chakheva chakhevi, khoyahans, kalijure, the world’s rarest wildlife, such as the red panda, the trio activities and views provide another special entertainment here. Despite the predominance of Tamang culture, other castes also live in the area. However, Gosaikunda is only a day’s walk from the human settlement. Due to the predominance of the Tamang caste, this footpath has earned a reputation as the Tamang Heritage Trail.

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Gosaikunda During Summer

Gosaikunda is a place to understand culture and nature

The Gosaikunda trek area is also the area of ​​lakes. There are 108 important ponds in this area including Bhairav ​​Kund, Suryakund, Saraswati Kund, Ganesh Kund, Dudh Kund and Parvati Kund. Some ponds have not been able to come to publicity. Dozens of lakes and ponds around Langtang and Ganesh Himal are yet to be studied and named. Gosaikunda, listed in the World Heritage List, is located within the Langtang National Park. As it is a protected area by the park, the environment of this place looks very attractive and charming. When the sun shines in Gosaikunda, an ocher colored rock in the shape of Mahadev Shiva is seen. Hence it is also called Shivakunda. Not only religious but also Gosaikunda has been recognized as an indispensable area to be interviewed. This area can be a document for those who want to explore Gosaikunda, a place of historical and tourist importance. The religious significance of the tank is linked to the context in which Lord Shiva consumed the Calcutta poison for world defense. This tank is associated not only with Nepali religion, culture and history but also with different castes, arts, culture and literature. It is truly full of natural beauty.

Anyone who visits Gosaikunda trek (lakes) on Janapurnima will find a beautiful atmosphere for the religious tourists by performing hymns, khanjari dances, etc. performed by the Tamangselo, Mendomaya, Dhangre dances and other sects in the Tamang culture. The huge and high mountains standing around the blue water of the pond, the mountains and snow chains shining like silver near the mountains, the calm air, the enchanting atmosphere, who doesn’t like such a place and. Instead, Gosaikunda, which can truly experience heaven, is considered to be an excellent sanctuary for meditators. Do you want to visit Gosaikunda once? A visit to Gosaikunda provides an opportunity for tourists to observe not only from a religious point of view but also from an ecological perspective. The forest protected by Langtang National Park and its mountainous wildlife also add to the attraction of people visiting Gosaikunda. For those who are interested in Janajati and culture, there is also an opportunity to study and research about Tamang culture in Rasuwa district. The historical site of Rasuwagadhi, a fort built during Nepal’s battle with Tibet, can also be reached on the way to Gosaikunda. The rural settlements of Saramathali, Jivjive, Kalikasthan and the hilly settlements around Ramche in the southern part of Rasuwa district also thrill the travelers going to Gosaikunda trek . Gosaikunda trek (lake) is a fast-paced destination that you have to visit as many times as you can to achieve natural and religious satisfaction.

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