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Langtang trek is an area in the Rasuwa district west of Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, connected to Tibet of China . Tourists visiting Langtang can see and see many things in one trip. This is the reason why foreign tourists flock to Langtang.

Tourists to Langtang trek climb Cherkori, Kanjin Ri, Langsisa, Langtang Glacier and Yala Peak. As a dozen mountains can be seen from the 5,000-meter-high Cherkori, 85 percent of the tourists who reach Kanjin go there. According to the English calendar, September, October and November are the tourist seasons. Due to the clear weather, there is a large presence of tourists on the Langtang footpath.

In the Langtang trek area, there are Gosainkunda Lake on the south and Kanjing Gumba on the north. Trishuli and Gosainkunda, including Kanjing, are sacred places of Nepali tradition. Hiking in the Langtang region begins at Rasuwa Dhunche or Syafrubesi. Dhunche can also be reached from Sundarijal and Chisapani of Kathmandu Valley to the east via Helambu, Laurivinayak and Gosainkunda. Similarly, Ganja-la can be crossed from Kanjing region to the south and Langshisha glacier to the east. Even further east are Dorje Lakpa, Jugal and Phurbi Gachu Himal. These mountains can also be seen from Kathmandu during the open season. Below these are the Dorje Lakpa and Jugal glaciers.

langtang Trek
on the way of langtang

A  mountain full of snow. A human settlement covered with snow in the middle. Most of the houses are hotels. This is the view of Langtang trek in Rasuwa district, which is the third choice of hiking tourists in Nepal. It is considered the ultimate destination for trekking in the kangjin Valley. Kangjin Valley in Langtang National Park, located at an altitude of 3,850 meters above sea level, is the most suitable place to see the Langtang Mountains.

Due to its proximity to Kathmandu and short travel time, it is a tourist attraction. Foreigners have been flocking to Langtang for trekking as the mountains can be seen in front of their eyes. Dozens of mountain ranges in Nepal and Tibet can be seen along the Langtang Mountain (7246 m). The Kangjin Valley can be reached after a two-and-a-half hour uphill walk from Kanjen Valley.

According to Galbo Tamang, the manager of the Tibet Hotel, Langtang can accommodate up to 500 people at a time. He says that in the past only white tourists used to come, now Nepalis also come.

According to the businessmen, white tourists used to come with a plan and advance notice, but Nepalis sometimes have problems staying there if they do not do so. Hotelier Lama Langtang trek area says that the trekkers are facing problems due to lack of proper information required by the tourists. He says there would be no such problem if there was an information center in the valley.

It takes another three days to reach Helambu via the Ganjala Pass (5,200 m) via Kanje Valley. However, for those who want to cross the Ganjala Pass, they have to manage all the food and accommodation themselves.

It takes one week to trek from Kathmandu to Langtang trek.

Day 1: 5 hours by jeep or bus from Kathmandu to Rasuwa’s Saprubensi

Second day-loma hotel

The third daylama hotel to  Langtang

Kangjin Valley on the fourth and fifth day

Day 6 – Lama Hotel again

Seventh day – Kathmandu through Saprubesi.

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