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Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek

A mountain range standing in front of the eyes as if it could be held by hand. It is a pleasure to see the snow-capped white mountains, green forests, beautiful hills and settlements. Such an opportunity is available only to hikers in Mardi Himal base camp trek. 

More than half a dozen mountains including virgin  Machhapuchhre, Mardi, Annapurna South, Himachuli, Annapurna I, Gangapurna and Gandharva Chuli can be seen from this trek. The number of people marching in different organizations and groups is the same now. The Ultra Marathon World Cup held here two months ago has also made it known in the international arena. Even as road transport has not been accessible so far, it has become the choice of internal and external tourists. As the base camp of Mardi Himal near virgin Machhapuchhre, which has not been open for climbing till now, can be reached, it has been developed as Mardi Himal trekking route.

Kalimati and Siding can be reached by jeep through Ghalel of Machhapuchhre village municipality which is 22 km away from Pokhara. From there, you can climb the hill through the forest and reach the low camp located at an altitude of 2,970 meters.

Tourists reach Low Camp via Pothana, Australian Camp, Pritam Deurali and Forest Camp from Dhampus and Annapurna villages of Machhapuchhre municipality. From Low Camp, you can reach Mardi Himal Base Camp trek at an altitude of 4,500 meters via Badaldanda, High Camp and View Point.

From the view point, you can see more than half a dozen mountains, including the Pokhara Valley.

Most of the tourists reach Mardi Himal Base Camp, Ghalel, Cannoning and return to Pokhara via Lwang, known as the Tea Village.

Extra things about Mardi Himal base camp Trek

If you are going in January and February, you have to walk in the snow to reach the upper camp. At the same time, Mountains decorated with white, red and pink Rhododendron can be seen. The scenery is so beautiful that we feel like we have reached a different world. It is a 1 hour bus ride from Pokhara to Kaski. You have to pave the way for Pitam Deurali from Kande. Or you can take a 3 hour jeep ride from Pokhara to Mardi himal Base Camp trek. Those who can walk can reach Upper Base Camp in 2 days from Pokhara and on the third day they can reach Mardi Base Camp at 9/10 in the morning watching sun shining . From there you can come to Seeding on the same day and stay there. If there is a jeep available in Siding on the same day, you can also seek the facility to return to Pokhara. If you are not in the habit of walking or have a problem with the high altitude, the journey to Mardi base camp at 4500 meters is difficults. But in a short time, Mardi Himal Base Camp trek is a suitable trekking route to get an exciting view of the mountains up close. When this journey is over, you may not feel awakened from a sweet dream. The cost can be up to 12 hundred per day on average. But it’s okay to arrange the lunch yourself. As there is no electricity above Pitam Deurali, it is better to carry a power bank or extra battery. Even if there is an arrangement to charge from solar in the upper camp, you have to pay a fee for that. Charging service may not be available when the sun is not shining.


Mardi himal , annaourna budget traveler garib yatri

Route and departure time to Mardi Himal:

Pokhara                    to         Kande (to Baglung by bus) 1 hour by bus

Kande                                    to         Australian Camp 1 1/2 hours.

Australian Camp      to         Pitam Deurali  1/2 hours.

Pitam Deurali            to         Forest Camp 3-4 hours.

Forest Camp             to         Low Camp – 2 1/2 hours.

Low Camp                 to         Badal Dada (Middle Camp) 1 hour.

Middle Camp             to         Upper Camp 2-3 hours.

 Additional Route: ~

 Pokhara        to         Siding 3 hours by jeep (only by jeep book / reservation)

Sidding          to         Low Camp 3-4 hours.

You can reach the mardi himal base camp trek in 5-6 hours from the upper camp and return to the upper camp. You can easily reach Siding in 5 hours by walking from Upper Camp. You can reach Pokhara within 3 hours by booking a jeep the next day.

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