ruise and bhedi odar , poonhill treks alternative

Poonhill treks alternative treks can be a Bhedi odar.

There are many hill stations in the scenic district of Myagdi, Poonhill treks alternative, Kevhil, Takam, Jhankripani, Todke, Lovely Hill, Malika, Bhediodar etc. Recently, Bhediodar is also being developed as an internal tourism hub and alternative to PoonHIll Treks.

Bhediodhar (2500 m) in Raghuganga Gaonpalika-2 has a beautiful view of mountains, sunrise and sunset. Most importantly, the energy increases when you reach this place.

Bhediodhar on the Dhaulagiri Icefall footpath erases the glimpse of Poon hill. From the hill, Churen, Gurja, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Nilgiri and Machhapuchhre mountain ranges can be seen.

There are shelters on the hill. In winter, village sheep are kept here. That is why it is called Bhediodhar. A view point has been made by placing railings and roof on the stone of Cave. There is a beautiful view of Dhaulagiri from the dill near the view point.

ruise and bhedi odar
Annapurna Ranges

The ‘Ruise-Bhediodhar-Dhaulagiri Icefall Footpath’ was also included in the list of 100 destinations selected by the government to promote Nepal Tourism Year 2020.

The base camp of Bhediodhar is called Ruise. Ruise has developed into a picnic spot. The road network is connected to Ruise. Local Kamala Shahi has been running a simple hotel here.

It is best to spend the night at Ruise (2208 m) and climb the hill for one hour in the morning to reach Bhediodhara.

Raghuganga village municipality has emphasized on building infrastructure for the development of Ruise area.

To reach Ruise, you have to go uphill from Beni via Galeshwar. The Rakhu Bhagwati temple can be visited on the way to Bhediodhar. According to Krishna Bahadur Shahi, secretary of Rakhu Kot Bhagwati Temple Preservation Committee, Bhagwati Darshan fulfills desires.

Rakhu bhagawati Ruise
Rakhu Bhagawati

According to history, in Bikram Samvat 1836, The Great Queen Shuvarna Prabhadevi had arranged a Guthi at Rakhu Bhagwati for the food and accommodation of the pilgrims on their way to visit Muktinath. The temple has recently been rebuilt with the help of the Department of Archeology.

Bhediodhar is attractive for domestic tourists. Sher Bahadur Gurung, a jeep driver from Benibazar, who used to reach Bhedi Odhar with his internal guests, says, “Ruise is beautiful in itself. ‘It is better to reach the Bhediodar.’

It is necessary to make homestay in Sijal, Sajhapani and Beg Sirubari villages near Ruise.

Fortunately, photo books are being published covering not only new tourist destinations like Bhediodhar, but also the entire tourist heritage of Myagdi. It is believed that the book, which is being published on the initiative of Rajesh Shakya, a tourism engineer from Myagdi, will be an eye-opener to identify Myagdi.

Bhediodar is waiting for you. Not going for a walk once?

How to reach Bhediodar Poonhill treks alternative?

Kathmandu-Beni 288 km, 10 hours by bus. Beni-Galeshwar-Ruise 17 km, two hours by jeep. From Beni to Ruise in a reserved jeep or motorbike. Ruise-Bhediodhar 1 hour trek.

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