Ambassadors of 11 countries in Pokhara for trekking, will tourism diplomacy increase tourists?

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Ambassadors of 11 countries have arrived in Pokhara on Sunday. These include the EU, Qatar, Germany, Thailand, Finland, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Korea and Egypt. Similarly, the Secretary General of the SAARC, the UN Resident Head, the Director General of ISIMOD, the UNDP Nepal Director, UNDP, UNESCO, World Food Program and other missions have come to Pokhara on trekking.

The glow of Pokhara is dim due to lack of tourists during the tourist season. Entrepreneurs are worried that it has been two years since tourism workers became unemployed. Some entrepreneurs have left their businesses and fled elsewhere. How can entrepreneurs save the tourism business in Pokhara after the second wave of corona is stopped? The discussion started,

Entrepreneurs have come up with a solution to take the ambassadors of different countries from Kathmandu to Pokhara and make them trek on an attractive route nearby. Along with the Ambassador, the heads of the United Nations in Nepal and the heads of various international organizations will also be involved. The proposal was handed over by Pokhara-based tourism businessmen to Gandaki Chief Minister Krishnachandra Nepali Pokhrel.
The businessman is confident that the visit of ambassadors and heads of foreign bodies to the tourist city of Pokhara will send a message that Nepal is safe not only in the country but also abroad. “Pokhara is safe and open,” said Gopi Bahadur Bhattarai, chairman of the Pokhara Tourism Council.

The Gandaki government liked the businessman’s proposal. The Ambassador, his family and the heads of foreign bodies were convinced that walking the footpaths in and around Pokhara would help keep the tourism sector afloat. After that, the Gandaki government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, invited the ambassadors of all the countries in Kathmandu to visit with their families. Also to the heads of foreign bodies.

The Nepal Tourism Board has played a coordinating role in making the efforts of tourism entrepreneurs and the Gandaki government worthwhile. The Gandaki office of the other management board has taken care of the guests. “Taking the ambassador on trekking can send a message that Nepal is safe,” Kashiraj Bhandari, Gandaki chief of the board, told Setopati

Ambassadors of 11 countries

Ambassadors of 11 different countries have arrived in Pokhara on Sunday. These include the European Union, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Germany, Thailand, Finland, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Korea and Egypt. Similarly, the Secretary General of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC), the UN Resident Head, the Director General of ISIMOD, the UNDP Nepal Director, UNDP, UNESCO, World Food Program and other missions have come to Pokhara on trekking.

At Pokhara Airport, he was welcomed by Gandaki Tourism Secretary Gyanendra Poudel, Tourism Board Gandaki Chief Kashiraj Bhandari and Pokhara tourism businessmen.

The Gandaki government has chartered a Buddha Air flight and brought the ambassadors and diplomats to Pokhara. On the occasion of the 42nd World Tourism Day, they are scheduled to walk from Naudada in Kaski to Pokhara.

It is planned to reach Sarangkot via Kaskikot, which will start with tea and welcome of locals in Naudada.

Gandaki’s ‘tourism diplomacy’

Ambassadors of 11 countries in Pokhara
Meeting between Gandaki Chief Minister Krishnachandra Nepali Pokhrel and EU Ambassador Nona Deprevich. Photo courtesy – Bharat Koirala.

The Gandaki government has adopted ‘tourism diplomacy’ by inviting the ambassador and the head of the international mission to go on trekking. After visiting Pokhara, EU Ambassador Nona Depre called on Chief Minister Krishnachandra Nepali Pokharel on Sunday.

During the meeting, Chief Minister Pokharel said that the contribution made by the European Union during the earthquake was invaluable and urged to continue the assistance in the days to come.

Chief Minister Pokharel said that the promotion of Nepal’s international trade and increase in competitiveness, improvement in the education sector under the School Sector Development Plan, and support for multi-sectoral nutrition have made great strides in Nepal’s development. “The support provided by the European Union is very important to us in achieving the goal of sustainable development,” he said.

Stating that the EU has a great role to play in uniting the world against the Corona epidemic and providing universal access to health care and vaccines, Pokhrel thanked the European Union and its people for their support.

He said that in order to achieve the sustainable development goal, there is a need to prepare integrated provincial statistics, help the local level to set indicators and priorities, and invest in the improvement of the weaker areas. “The common issue of environmental balance and poverty alleviation is becoming more complex,” he said.

During the meeting, Ambassador Nona Depre said that the EU has been providing assistance to Nepal in the areas of strengthening federalism and pledged to continue it in the days to come.

She reminded that they have been working in the field of governance reform, access to justice, rule of law and human rights. “Poverty alleviation and a multi-sectoral nutrition program are our top priorities,” she said, adding that the EU was ready to help promote international trade.

She said the EU was also monitoring the effectiveness of drug and equipment assistance in the campaign against Covid 19.

Similarly, Chief Minister Pokharel also met UN Resident Chief Sara Besolo Nanti on Sunday.

Stating that Nepal has been involved in the meeting since the establishment of the United Nations, he said that Nepal has made significant contribution in the establishment of peace.

Stating that the UN’s assistance to Nepal in achieving the goals of gender development, human rights and sustainable development is important in the field of humanitarian activities in Nepal, Pokharel added, “Our focus is on the guarantee of good governance, implementation of federalism and development.”

Stating that the government is taking initiative to revive the socio-economic condition of the state, Chief Minister Pokharel said that health, education and overall development system should be addressed in different ways. Stating that the state government is preparing plans for the revival of industry, tourism, agriculture, etc., he said that there is a challenge to internalize and implement the sustainable development goal.

On the occasion, Sara Besolo Nanti, Head of Nepal to the United Nations, said that sustainable economic development, pollution-free employment (Green Job) was her first priority. “The United Nations is developing a five-year development framework, and we will move forward by incorporating the priorities set by the states,” she said.

She expressed the commitment of the United Nations to further support the implementation of sustainable development goals and social and economic development based on justice.

Chief Minister Pokharel has organized a dinner on Sunday evening to welcome the visiting ambassadors and heads of international bodies. Similarly, Gandaki Tourism Minister Manibhadra Sharma on Tuesday hosted a dinner for the visiting ambassadors and diplomats. A member of the Chief Minister’s Secretariat said that the Gandaki government had an opportunity to express its views and views by inviting the ambassador on a hiking.

Road Festival at Lakeside

A one-day road festival has been organized in Pokhara on the same day as Tourism Day. According to the Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal (Rewan), a road festival has been organized from Barahi Chowk to Khare Chowk of Lakeside. Chairman of Rewan Laxman Baral said that the mini road festival was organized to attract tourists by increasing tourism activities.

The road festival will be held on Monday from 5 pm to 10 pm. Entrepreneurs have made arrangements to stop eating at the festival venue and eat various dishes on the road. Entrepreneurs are confident that the festival will contribute to saving the tourism sector of Pokhara.

“It’s too late to revitalize the tourism sector,” said Baral. “We need to be safe and attract tourists so that we don’t fall into the trap.”

Various cultural programs, band concerts, performances of Himali cultural families, Lakhe dance of Newar community, Panchebaja, popular stick dance of Tharu community, Sarangi playing of Gandharva community are also planned to be staged in the festival.

There is a plan to involve the ambassadors and heads of international bodies in the road festival.

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