Things to do in Nepal 2022

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New in Nepal? In this guide, you’ll find all the best things to do in Nepal—from the most popular attractions and activities, to the lesser-known but equally worthwhile experiences to try out on your trip to this exciting country! From the majestic Himalayas to colorful festivals, to mystical Buddhist monasteries and even adrenaline-pumping trekking excursions, you won’t want to miss any of these top things to do in Nepal!

Things to do In Nepal

  • Camping

There are a variety of camping opportunities in Nepal, ranging from organized camping spots to trails that lead up into remote mountains. The scenery is magnificent, and you’ll feel like you’re really getting away from it all. which is also a major things to do in Nepal

  • Trekking
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Trekking In Nepal

The most popular activity in Nepal by far and main things to do in Nepal is trekking. The Himalayas offer up some of the most spectacular scenery on earth, making them a treasured destination for hikers and adventure travelers alike. While many people flock to Everest base camp each year, there are plenty of lesser-known yet equally worthy options for those who wish to have a more culturally immersive experience—whether you’re looking for activities or sights along Nepal’s trails.

  • Rafting

For an adrenaline rush, try white-water rafting on a river like Gandaki or Trisuli. You’ll spend a couple of days on a raft getting shaken up, soaked, and enjoying gorgeous Himalayan views. It’s one of those things you have to see to believe; words and pictures just don’t capture it well enough. There are plenty of tour operators who will take you out for an excellent (but expensive) experience. You can also rent a raft if money is tight (just make sure it’s safe). If your accommodation provides breakfast, make sure they pack some sandwiches so you can enjoy lunch on the river without worrying about food.

  • Hiking

Nepal has some of the most spectacular mountain views in all of Asia, and while there are many ways to explore these areas, hiking is one of our favorite ways. If you’re only going for a few days, we recommend setting aside one or two days for a trek through Langtang National Park. The scenery is stunning (on a clear day you can see Mt. Everest) and it’s relatively inexpensive when compared with other locations. Moreover, if you sign up with a local guide company in Kathmandu, it’s easy to get permits and transport directly from your hotel/guesthouse – otherwise you may have to go through an agency which will charge you more money.

  • Mountain biking

Nepal offers plenty of opportunities for mountain biking, a popular sport among expats and another best things to do in Nepal. Although trekking is still Nepal’s biggest tourism draw, riding down lushly forested hillsides or across its high-altitude plains is exhilarating and an excellent way to enjoy its stunning views. Plus, it’s easier on your knees than trekking, which means you can go longer without needing a break. If you’re eager to give it a try but not quite ready for Nepal’s highest peaks, head to Nagarkot. There are rolling hills here that offer magnificent views but are much less technical than Pokhara and Kathmandu Valley trails.

  • White water rafting

Nepal’s rivers may be treacherous but white water rafting on them is exhilarating. The trip from Kathmandu takes between four and five days, with highlights including a stop at Ghorepani Poon Hill where you can look out over fantastic views of Mount Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I and II and Manaslu. If you’re looking for somewhere a little more exotic than Thailand or Australia then Nepal is worth checking out. The whitewater rafting season runs between October and April so now’s a good time to start booking.

  • Hill stations

Throughout history, people have fled their bustling cities and busy lives for a little R & R. In centuries past, these retreats were called hill stations because they sat atop hills; today, they’re often known as mountainside resorts. Mountain getaways usually sit above sea level, offer fresh air and crisp mountain views, and are chock-full of things to do in Nepal—whether you want to catch your breath with yoga or just curl up by a fire with a good book.

  • Flightseeing

If you’re visiting mountainous regions of Nepal, chances are you will come across a flightseeing trip. After being picked up from your hotel, a plane takes you to different points where you can enjoy amazing views of nature. The flights take about 20 minutes and there are different packages depending on what you’d like to see. This is a great experience for anyone who loves flying!

  • Other amazing places

If you’re planning to travel around Nepal, you might want to visit other amazing places in Nepal where there are a lot of things to do. In fact, you will feel like you’re on a different planet altogether because they’ve earned quite a reputation for being so beautiful and spectacular. Here are few places in Nepal that I absolutely love: Chitwan National Park in Chitwan district is one of my favorite place that is situated in southern part of Kathmandu Valley. The national park has rich bio-diversity with tropical jungles, subtropical sal forests and marshy grasslands which make it ideal for wildlife lovers; there are over 25 different species of mammals found here including tigers and rhinos.

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