The Nepal People : Warm, Welcoming, and Always Smiling

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The Nepal people are universally known to be some of the friendliest and most welcoming in the world. With such rich culture and heritage, it’s no wonder that Nepalese hospitality has been awarded World’s Leading Hospitality Country by the United Nations World Tourism Organization for the last four years in a row. This begs the question… what does it take to be this kind of welcoming host? How can you learn from these Nepal people and improve your own welcoming capabilities at home?

They were extremely warm, welcoming, and always smiling.

Nepal People, Tharu festival know about Nepal
Nepal People ( Tharu People)

I am confident that I can speak for all Nepal people when I say we are warm, welcoming, and always smiling. The hospitality of Nepalese people is legendary. It’s quite common to hear travelers remark about how friendly Nepalese people are! For example, there was a moment where my family was being dropped off at our house in Kathmandu from a long day of traveling. Our taxi driver insisted on getting out of his car to help with our bags despite our protests that it wasn’t necessary. This is just one small example; Nepalis will go out of their way to help you if they feel it’s appropriate!

Nepali People definitely wear their hearts on their sleeves

In many places around Asia, people don’t outwardly express their feelings—especially when it comes to positive feelings about foreign visitors.

But if you travel in Nepal, that won’t be a problem. Most Nepali people are warm and welcoming from day one. They want to help you enjoy your time there as much as possible! On my first visit to Nepal (with no real agenda), I saw a driver with his arm around his friend who was walking on crutches; they were laughing and smiling with every person they passed by. After I started speaking with them, they explained that their friend had been hit by a car recently and he was still recovering in hospital but they were all so happy he was alive.

Nepal People are genuinely happy to help each other out.

The people of Nepal are genuinely happy to help each other out. The culture is similar to most Asian countries—Nepalis are humble, respectful of their elders, honest and always willing to help a friend in need. As in any country there are exceptions; but generally speaking you can feel safe knowing that if you were lost or had an emergency no one would hesitate to help. Although they may not have much themselves they’ll do whatever they can to make sure everyone around them is safe.

I found myself completely at ease with most of them (nepal people).

I wasn’t surprised by my warm reception in Nepal – people all over Asia have been kind to me. But that is not to say I was expecting it. If you are going to start a new life on another continent, it helps to do some research beforehand. Otherwise, you might find yourself completely at ease with most of them (nepal people). Here’s what I learned about Nepalese hospitality before visiting Kathmandu

I felt like I was walking down the streets in my own city,

I spent a weekend in Kathmandu during my travels through Asia. It was a total surprise; I thought that I would be visiting only big cities. Little did I know that one of the most culturally rich countries had been right under my nose. The next time you’re planning your holiday or vacation, consider heading to Nepal. You won’t regret it!

Nepal People are always willing to lend you a hand.

If you’re ever in need of assistance while you’re traveling in Nepal, you can bet that one of its welcoming people will be there to lend a hand. From tuk-tuk drivers who help navigate your way around a city to housekeepers who genuinely care about making sure your stay is comfortable, Nepalese are more than willing to assist.

Nepal People are eager to teach tourists about the country.

It’s not often that you come across such friendly and welcoming people. These traits can be traced back to their culture, which has historically placed a high value on community over individualism. For hundreds of years, nomadic herding clans roamed throughout Nepal in search of fresh pasture for their livestock.

Nepal People hospitality will truly make you feel like you’re at home.

If you’re travelling to Nepal there’s a very high chance that you’ll leave with a warm feeling in your heart. I know I did. For days after leaving Kathmandu, my mind would wander back to all of my experiences in one of the most beautiful countries on earth. It was a true holiday in every sense; nothing but time spent with friends and family exploring new places, eating exotic foods and admiring breathtaking views that rival those seen on postcards.

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