Ghale Gaun best tourist destinations in SAARC countries

Ghale Gaun ( Lamjung , Nepal )

Human life has become a regularity like a machine. In such a situation, it is natural for people to think that they would have had some leisure time from their diary and would have been able to go somewhere. What to do Where to go ?  hat to do may not be easy. It is possible to go for a walk, but due to financial accounting, it is not possible to spend much. It is equally important to take a break from the daily life for a while and visit a tourist spot in the country at least once a year to feel a little bit mentally happy. Thus, it is a good opportunity to get away from daily life when you are tired of your regular work and daily activities for a few days. In this way, when you return to your work after visit, you will be refreshed and will be able to work with more enthusiasm.

Where to go? Which of the religious and tourist sites in Pokhara, Lumbini and other places will you be interested in? Ghale village can also be such a tourist destination.

ghale gaun,
Ghale gaun

Where is Ghale Gaun village ?

Ghale gaun village is one of the popular tourist destinations not only in Nepal but also in SAARC countries. It is located 205 km northwest of Kathmandu in Lamjung district. Located at an altitude of about 2100 meters above sea level, the scenic beauty of this village is unmatched anywhere. The view of the mountain range from the view point of Ghale village at sunrise cannot be forgotten for a long time.

What is it in Ghale village ?

Most of the residents of Ghale gaun in the Annapurna Conservation Area belong to the Gurung community. The locals are found as the idol of “Atithi Devo Bhavah” (Guest is like a God) . The village is famous for its home stays. Ghale is the second rural tourist destination in Nepal after Sirubari in Syangja district. There are about 120 houses in this village and home stay business is one of these houses. Agriculture, animal husbandry and serving in the Nepal-India and British armies have become the destiny of the people here. Ghale village has its own tradition of welcoming visitors with tikas and garlands and sending them away with tikas and garlands. The village is characterized by traditional firewood cooking, locally produced organic food and warm hospitality. In the morning, from the viewpoint near the village, one can enjoy the panoramic view of Manaslu, Himachuli and Boudha Himal on the east, Lamjung Himal and Annapurna Himal on the north and Machhapuchche Himal on the west. When we come and live in this house, we learn something from the geographical remoteness of Nepal, the harsh life, the natural beauty, the sincere loving behavior of the people and the vivid example of co-operation and we become very proud.

How much does it cost ?

ghale gaun peace
Ghale gaun Beauty

How much to spend? Depends on your pocket. The fare from Gangbu Bus Park to Kathmandu Beshishahar is Rs. 360 – If yes, the fare of microbus is Rs. 420 – There is. The bus fare of Kathmandu Khudi is Rs. 450 – Yes. The fare of a jeep from Beshishahar to Ghale village is Rs. 350 – I think so. Home stay in Ghale village is Rs. 190 – Per capita vegetarian food Rs. 160. – and Rs. 80 – Must. If you are in a group and take the help of a householder or a committee member while visiting the village, the guide fee is Rs. 900 – Must. In addition, general service charges should be paid for the total expenses of the committee. At the same time, when you taste local kodo liquor, local khukura meat or sukuti, it would be appropriate to calculate such expenses on your own. From Kathmandu to Ghale village today and back tomorrow, coming and going and staying only vegetarian food if the per capita. 3000 – may not cost more than, and If Ghale is the only village to return from Kathmandu, then 2 days is enough, but there is an additional time of 1-2 days. An additional religious experience can also be gained by returning to Manakamana the next day and visiting the next day.

About 60  percent of the tourists visiting Ghale gaun are domestic tourists. Most of them are young generation. So let’s go to Ghale gaun village once in this 2021

ghale gaun view
Ghale gaun

How to go to Ghale gaun ?

Buses to Beshishahar leave from Gangbu Bus Park (01-4356462) in Kathmandu from 6:30 am to 11:00 am and from Gangbu Pujakothi Petrol Pump near BG Mall Ticket Counter (01-4364978). Beshishahar, the district headquarters of Lamjung, is about 172 km from Kathmandu and 112 km from Pokhara. It takes about 5-6 hours to reach Beshishahar from Kathmandu. We walk early in the morning and reach Beshishahar in the afternoon. If it is bad, you can stay in the district headquarters. Ghale Gaun village can be reached on foot from Beshishahar or by a locally operated four wheel jeep. There is no problem in staying in Beshishahar as there is a good hotel lodge system. Gateway Himalayan Resort (066-521300 ÷ 521301) may be suitable for those who want to spend more and stay in a good hotel. As he left in his own car, he left the car and left for Ghale village. The distance from Veshishahar to Ghale gaun village is about 32 km. Ghalegaon can be reached by taking Kathmandu-Khudi or Veshishahar-Khudi bus and walking from Khudi to Bhalamchaur. Two buses leave Gangbu Bus Park at 6.45 am and 8.30 am for excavation. There is a good arrangement of hotel lodge for eating and staying in Khudi.

It is a bit steep when you walk from Khudi. Reaches in about 3-4 hours. If you go by jeep from Beshishahar, you have to cross a very narrow road cut by a mountain, carved out of a cliff, with stones like teeth. By jeep, you can reach Ghale village in 2.5 to 3 hours via Beshishahar Bara, Biundabeshi, about 1 km of Bhirko road, Puma village, Baglung Pani, Shitaldanda, Rapsingh and Kapoor villages. When you go by jeep and come back, it will be very exciting even if you fall down most of the city on foot.

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