Tilicho lake , One of the highest Surface elevation lake in the world.

tsho rolpa lake, tilicho lake of nepal

Tilicho Lake is a lake located at an altitude of about 5000 meters above sea level.

If you want to go to Tilicho lake, you must first reach Beshishahar of Lamjung. Are you interested in hiking? If so, you can walk from Beshisahar itself. There is a problem to walk, even if you say I will go a little further by car, there is an option. You can take a jeep from Beshisahar to Chame of Manang.

If you take a jeep from Beshisahar around 10 in the morning, you will reach Chame of Manang that day. Accommodation can be booked by telephone at the hotel in advance.

lilicho lake , how to go to tilicho lake,
some where near Khngsar pic by: Bhhbam Poudel

I have just returned from Tilicho Lake. I am still thrilled by the memory of the huge mountains and the road carved out of the cliffs on the way to Chame from Veshisahar. Masyangdi, still rolling at the foot of the cliff, makes the journey even more memorable.

Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. It is a pleasure to walk around Chame Bazaar in the morning, eat lunch in the open air and go to Manang.

After walking for about five hours from Chame, you reach Pisang. This place is not only delightful but also beautiful and artistic. The Tibetan gemstone can be seen here.

That’s all! The Annapurna range can also be seen from here. After seeing the white mountains, the fatigue on the hill is also lost. After eating here, the journey to Manang village starts. Manang is a village that can be reached after traveling for about five hours. There are good hotels to stay here. The stone-covered house is beautiful and the dishes cooked here are also sweet.

From here, the Annapurna range can be seen up close. The view of the high mountain, flat field is captivating.

Traveling all day is tiring. After eating sweet tired food, you fall asleep instantly! What a joy After staying here, the next day the journey to Tilicho Lake Besh Camp will be completed via Khangsar and Shrikharka. It takes about 7 hours to reach the camp. You should not only sit there and watch the sunrise, but also take photos. We have taken so many photos. If you walk from Manang at 8 in the morning, you can reach Khangsar in two hours. After that, after eating, rest for a while and travel to Shrikharka.

Shrikharka is a beautiful place in itself. You can also sip tea here. There are Buddhist monasteries that add to the beauty of the place.

They are Yak on the road. Sometimes we are afraid of Yak. If you slip off the road, you are afraid of reaching Masyangdi river !  Three houses were seen. That was a base camp . Foreign and domestic tourists visit Tilicho. If you want to stay at Base camp Hotel, you have to book in advance.

sun rise on tilicho lake
Sun rise on the way to tilicho
Picture by : Bhubam Paudel

Do you want to reach Tilicho LakeLake and watch the sunrise?

 If so, you may not be able to sleep until morning. The journey should start at 2 o’clock at night. You can reach the lake only after walking for about three hours.

Now we are gradually reaching heights. Problems such as headaches, difficulty breathing, and nausea may also appear. Tilicho Lakecan be seen like a piece of heaven between these obstacles. White mountains, desert-like mountains and flat arid plains and blue Tilicho Lakein the middle have enhanced the beauty of this place. I can’t even describe in words how beautiful it looks here!

In Tilicho, the color changes according to the season. There is no drainage here. In winter, the lake will freeze and it will snow.

Don’t stay in the Tilicho Lake too long.

 You have to fall into prostitution. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. From here you can also go for Thorangla Pass. After opening the lockdown, when public life becomes normal, go for a walk in Tilicho!

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