5 reasons why you should travel to Nepal? Why will you Love Nepal

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Like any country that you travel to but especially when you come to a country like Nepal which is a developing country you need to come to places like this with an open heart and an open mind to experience the real culture and authenticity that this place has to offer.

That’s why you should travel to Nepal, If you open yourself up to a new culture and new experiences then for sure you will have the time of your life here and I can guarantee you that Nepal will be one of the best places that you can travel to.

let’s jump into it here are 5 reasons why you should travel to Nepal ?

 Natural beauty

why you should travel to Nepal, pokhara,
Pokhara city with Annapurna Mountain.

One of the main reasons why hundreds of thousands of tourists come here each year and this is definitely one of the main reasons is purely for the natural beauty that this country has to offer.

 Obviously Mount Everest is the most popular and famous mountain in the world but apart from that you have the absolutely incredible mountains of the Annapurna Peaks and many  more not only mountains you have an abundance of lakes even here in Pokhara there’s three incredibly beautiful lakes. On the Annapurna circuit you have Tilicho lake which is the highest lake in the world. Along with so many other natural incredible beauties that it’s country has to offer. Nepal also has 10 UNESCO heritage sites. Nepal has 8TH the highest mountains in the world.

Adventure and the activities

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Trekking in Nepal

Reason number two why we should come here is because of the adventure and the activities that this play says there is a huge culture abundance of activities and things to be done especially for adrenaline junkies or even if you’re a first-time trekker to an absolute expert.

There are so many different varieties of tricks as I said from each level of the spectrum you can come here and do. Whether it’s paragliding here in Pokhara or trekking the Annapurna circuit and sleeping under snow-capped mountains you name it you can here. If you want to trek to 6000 meters plus to the highest peaks there are in the world then this is the place to come to or if you want them more of a relaxed time then go to the mighty hot springs on the Annapurna base camp Nepal really is one of the best places in the world for pure adventure and activities.

Nepal is one of the cheapest places

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5 reasons why you should travel to Nepal? Why will you Love Nepal 1

Reason number three and it all comes down to that dollar. Nepal is one of the cheapest places that you can travel to and really get your value for money. From a Sky scanner article and so many other travel website, Nepal is always rated in the top ten for the cheapest countries to travel to from food to accommodation to activities to transport.

You really can make the most out of your money when you come to a country like this for budget travelers. It means that your money really does go a long way you know you can spend probably five hundred pounds a month and you’re laughing or you can be on the other side of the spectrum and you know you want to go to these 5-star fancy resorts. Then also there are many places in Nepal to go and do that you really do get your value for money out here.

Nepal is one of those safest countries

Reason number four is all about safety. Nepal is one of those safest countries that you’ve ever been to.  Nepalese people are extremely kind extremely hospitable they will always try and help tourists whenever they can.  

Is Nepal safe for female traveler ?,
Female Traveller

Especially for female travelers because there are obviously some countries which put female travelers off.  Nepal is a great  option because we can met so many female travelers here doing it solo and they have not once felt in danger or at risk or felt like the country isn’t safe.  if you are a female traveler and you are reading this and you know you’re a bit scared to go to perhaps other countries like India then I think Nepal would be a great option to start with.  like any country though you do need to go with a bit of common sense and always have your wits about you.

 Nepalese culture

Nepali woman,
Nepali rural Lifestyle

So the last reason number five why you should comes into Nepal kind of links in with number four and that is all about the culture. Here the culture of Nepal is expressed with music dance arts crafts religions and of course food and drink.

I think it is very well known and documented and the Nepalese people they really treat foreigners and tourists that comes to their country almost godlike guests to their country are extremely well respected extremely well looked after and treated with immense kindness and hospitality.

This is something which Nepal may be a poor country but its heart is rich with love and honestly that couldn’t have been any more true from the experience that we’ve had here and many others this country is so diverse with different ways of life being lived from every corner and it has over 32 different cultures that you can learn from if you’re looking for that culture shock then head to Kathmandu the most populated city in Nepal where you’ll really be amongst the local people walking the streets going to the markets.

reason to visit Nepal, Annapurna
Machhapurche (Fish tail) Mountain

 If you’re looking for a bit more calm and serenity then come to a place like Pokhara which is surrounded by an incredibly beautiful lake forests all around and the Himalayan mountain views from everywhere you look. Everyone think Nepal is one of the most well rounded countries that we’ve ever been to it has that natural beauty.

Most people look for when they go to a new country it has in abundance the activities the adventure the trekking the hiking you name it.  It has it all it’s an extremely safe and cheap country to travel to so you’re really getting your value for money and the culture here is absolutely incredible from the music to the food to the people.

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